ZigZag addictive focus game for Windows Phone

One of the new challenges and patience games, ZigZag game. It is a game for the owners of long patience, it needs patience and acceptance of the challenge. .
The idea of ​​the game is very simple. All you have to do is keep the black ball within the corridor without falling, by clicking on the screen to move it zigzag. .
The game was launched in the middle of last month on various smartphone operating platforms “Android – iPhone – Apple”.
And achieved the admiration of millions of users, the download of the game in the Google Play Store reached 10 million downloads in such a short period, and this proves that the game is unique.
Perhaps the most prominent feature of the game is the graphics, distinctive colors, and the idea and simple at the same time.
I leave you now with pictures of the game, and then you will specify at the end of the topic the download links:
Download the game for Windows Phone here:

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