XPrivacy tool to track and control all permissions of applications [Xposed]

Since we are talking about one of the Xposed tools, you must be familiar with this application and have it on your Android device. If you are a beginner, you can visit the following topic:

Download and install Xposed Framework, a platform developed for Android professionals

Now that you know the application, how it works and its requirements, you can follow up on its tools and add-ons and use them.

Addition/Tool XPrivacy for Xposed:

XPrivacy allows you to show the permissions of the applications, ie which applications can use messages, contacts, location, internet, etc. You can also control it, that is, prevent an application from reading messages or from using the Internet… Thanks to this tool, you can give more privacy to your phone, we hope you get the idea. The tool is a great alternative to the APP OPP application that only supports powerful devices.

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By clicking on an application, you will see the authority of the application to access your data. In order to restrict the application “i.e. prevent it” from accessing one of the data, we remove the mark in front of the thing that we want to prevent the application from using.

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