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Wire is an app to make free and secure internet phone calls

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Wire is an application to make phone calls over the Internet for free, with high quality, even with slow internet lines. Today, with the amazing progress in the world of communications, there are several free applications for conversations and voice and video calling. It is currently available with several different applications such as Viber, Line, Whatsapp, IMO and other applications The free applications, but the aforementioned applications have either become vulnerable to hacking and spying or are subject to ban in several different countries with the low degree of security and encryption in them. Today we will talk about a wonderful application with a high degree of encryption and security and is available on several different platforms such as Android, iPhone and computers and suitable for Internet speeds Also slow and weak is the Wire app, so follow along.

Article written by blogger Sameh Al-Kharraz

What is the WIRE app?

The research team of the Swiss company Wire announced a new algorithm that allows to make phone calls over the Internet for free and in high quality even with slow Internet lines.
They invented a new technology that handles packets of information transmitted over the Internet, and it is based on a completely different principle to the transmission protocols that other companies rely on, which increases the speed and quality of communication, even when it is difficult to obtain broadcast signals.

The degree of security of the application WIRE

The company described this algorithm as “smart” and said that the process of developing it took about two years, and confirmed that it is fully encrypted, so it is impossible to spy on or filter the communication as other applications that adopt exposed communication protocols, and this makes it easier for communication service companies to control and even prevent communications In-app audio, unlike encrypted algorithms.

The company responsible for producing this application

Wire, which was founded in 2013 by the same founders of Skype 13 years ago, relies entirely on scientific research and mathematical modeling in its development of the application, unlike what other companies currently do based on open source protocols.

The Wire application is available on several platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, in addition to its applications for computers, including Windows and Macintosh, and a web version is also available using a web browser.

After we reviewed the different ways to download this application on all platforms, we will learn how this application works on computers and also through a web browser. First, we enter the application page on the web browser through the following link App.wire.com

After entering, a page appears in this way, from which we choose to create an account, CREATE AN ACCOUNT, and then we put the name in the first rectangle NAME, then the email in the second rectangle, EMAIL, and then the password in the third rectangle PASSWORD. It should not be less than 8 numbers or letters, but preferably more .

After that, we put a tick in the small box next to I accept Terms of use to agree to the terms of use, and then click on the word CREATE.

Another page appears and asks us to check the message box in the email you registered with in order to activate the account.

After entering the message box in our account and clicking on the activation link, a page appears and asks us to choose a picture for the account. Choose your own and we choose an image like any account, but we notice that a message appears at the top of the page Wire is available for Windows Get the app, which means that the app is available for Windows, and you can download it by clicking on Get the app.

After that, we go to our personal page, in which the personal name and email that we have registered with will appear and several different options appear at the top of the page on the left.

  • The SEARCH BY NAME OR EMAIL option appears, meaning you can search by name or email, for example, for people or friends to add.
  • Bring your friends option – Bring your friends FROM GMAIL through your Gmail email by allowing and approving the application in your Gmail email.
  • It also shows us the possibility to change the profile picture also through the camera tag.
  • It is also possible to change the color of the personal page through the availability of several different colors that we can choose from (blue – green – red – yellow .. etc.).

People can also be invited to join this application also by pressing INVITE PEOPLE, and a small page appears with a code that can be copied and published on our Facebook page, forums, and various groups.

As for the application on Windows, after downloading it from the following link, its size does not exceed 50 MB Wire.com

After that, we install it in the usual way, and here are two ways to log in to it through an icon that appears on the desktop

The first method: by writing the email and password

The second method: Through the phone number that we previously saved in our profile on the application, with the choice of the country and writing the number.

At the end of our lesson, we will have got acquainted with this wonderful and distinguished application, so I hope that I have made it clear enough, and see you in other upcoming lessons.

About the author
Sameh El-Kharraz, an Egyptian blogger who loves the field of technology and information technology, specializes in the field of networks, and holds a CCNA certificate from Cisco in the field of Internet networks.


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