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Windows Tools (3) Turn the keyboard into a mouse + secure your computer from hacking – kzaplay

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We continue our review of the beautiful and wonderful Windows tools in the continuation of the Windows tools series by recognizing two important things: How to turn a keyboard into a mouse In case something happens to your mouse, also Secure your computer from hacking , in the event that you have a password to enter Windows, and prevent anyone from predicting it by activating the Windows feature to prevent anyone from typing and repeating the password more than once… Continue with me.

First: Turn the keyboard into a mouse

Converting the keyboard into a mouse has many advantages, including: :
1- More professionalism in use.
2- Provide a mouse to buy a new mouse.
3- Don’t get used to using the mouse all the time.

We can activate this by pressing three keyboard buttons in order to open and activate this beautiful feature, which are Alt + Shift + Num Lock simultaneously.

To show us a small message stating that you want to activate this feature or not, we press Yes and then we see the appearance of a small mouse icon in the taskbar at the bottom and next to the clock, then we click on it twice to open the settings window.

It appears to us in this way and we see that the option to open Turn on mouse keys has been activated, which is the most important option. The speed of using the keyboard for an arrow from the mouse can also be controlled by increasing or decreasing the speed of the options indicated by numbers 1, 2 and then press OK And another window appears, which we close as well.

To learn how to use the keyboard as a mouse, as follows :
1- Number 6 on the keyboard to move the mouse to the right.
2- No. 4 to move the mouse to the left.
3- No. 8 to move the mouse up.
4- No. 2 to move the mouse down.
5- No. 5 to open any file after standing on it with the pointer.

But if you want to cancel this feature and go back to using the mouse mainly, you have to click on it on the three buttons Alt + Shift + Num Lock, it appears with the mouse in the taskbar and you click on it twice to open it, and the main settings window appears, and we cancel the special by removing Check mark in front of the Turn on mouse keys option and then click on Apply and then OK.

Note: Do not activate this feature unless you really need it, or you have the necessary computer experience.

Second: Secure your computer or Windows password

It happens that we create a password to enter Windows, and someone who does not know it tries to enter the password more than once and sign it, but with the activation of this feature, make Windows prevent him from entering the password more than once and repeating it as well, by opening the Control Panel in the Windows Control Panel and then Responsible Tools.

After entering the Administrator Tools, a group of tools appears, from which we choose Local Security Policy, so we open this tool by clicking on it twice, and another window appears, from which we choose the following:

1- Account Policies and click on it.
2- Account Lockout Policy we choose to show us on the right side a set of options.
3- We choose Account Lockout Threshold, we stand on it with the mouse, right-click and choose Properties to show us a window with the number zero. It means the time specified for this is 30 minutes, and the system starts to restart itself.

If we want to change the time, we can do so through two options: :
1- Account Lockout Duration to automatically close the account after a certain time.
2- Reset Account Lockout Counter After to make an automatic restart of the system after a certain time.

But if you want to cancel it, you have to follow the same previous steps and write the number zero and then save.

In the end, we will know how to turn the keyboard into a mouse in emergency situations, as well as secure the Windows account against hacking, and see you in other upcoming lessons, thank you.


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