Windows Repair Toolbox Free software to fix and solve all problems of Windows and computer

With the passage of time, the performance of the computer decreases, in addition to many problems that occur in the operating system as data and operations accumulate, and it is known that the older the operating system, the more problems and errors it has. The complete collapse of the system.

Therefore, today in this topic, we brought you a very useful free program called Windows Repair Toolbox, which offers a set of useful tools that help solve all problems of the Windows operating system with its different versions, and the program includes tools to improve the functions of the hardware parts of the computer (hardware) and other tools to solve problems (software). ware).

The program includes many tools to fix system problems, and among these tools are system performance testing tools, system performance optimization tools, data backup and recovery tools, tools to fix Internet problems and clean browsing history, system problem repair tools, uninstall tools and safely remove programs from your device Without leaving residues in the registry, repair tools for physical parts such as processor, RAM and many other tools.

The program also comes with a set of tools to check and remove malware and malicious software, and it can be used to detect and remove a wide range of viruses, rootkits, and others.

The program comes with an easy-to-use interface and does not contain any complexity. You will find in the main window all the tools categorized into different categories, you can choose the required tool and then click on it to start the scan automatically.

Windows Repair Toolbox Free software to fix and solve all problems of Windows and computer
Compatible with: All Windows systems
The company’s website :windows-repair-toolbox 
License: Free

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