WhatsFake is a program to create fake WhatsApp chats on Android

If you are looking for a way to create a fake and fake chat for the popular WhatsApp messaging app, then you are in the right place. In this article, we show you the most powerful fake chat creation app. Everyone knows that smart phones offer the service of taking a screenshot in a picture and sharing it with friends, and users of the WhatsApp application are using this feature to share their conversation with others, which made some programmers issue applications that create fake WhatsApp conversations with any number or name The user chooses to use it to deceive friends.
WhatsFake is a program to create fake WhatsApp chats on Android

We previously talked about the Yazzy application, which allows you to create fake conversations on WhatsApp and Facebook and on many other applications and services, here we come to another application for you, a new application to create fake conversations on WhatsApp in an easier and more beautiful way. WhatsApp or WhatsFake is one of the most powerful applications for forging or creating fake WhatsApp conversations. The program helps in creating a fake chat with a person of your choice to write what you said and what he also said, and then take a screenshot of the screen to appear as if you exactly happened to the intended person on WhatsApp, which is Whoever wrote those messages to you, the application also offers the possibility of falsifying incoming and outgoing calls on WhatsApp.

WhatsFake App Explanation:

The mechanism of using the application is very easy, just after installing the application, all you have to do is open it and create the name and the fake image you want and even the status with the ability to change from the “connected” logo to the “writes” logo | Online – Typing The app’s settings also have an option that allows you to choose the appropriate background for the conversation to look more like the real one.
WhatsFake is a program to create fake WhatsApp chats on Android

Download WhatsFake App:

You can download the application from Google Play for free at the following link:

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