Watch TV for free on Android phones through the SPB TV app

SPB TV is an amazing app that allows you to enjoy hundreds of TV channels from around the world, in many languages, through an interface specially designed to give users much more options than other apps.

Its only drawback is that the list of channels is missing some Arab channels, most of the channels are either Russian or American, or from Eastern Europe, but some of them are very interesting. And this is specifically regarding sports channels, which allow you to enjoy many football matches on your Android device for free. This does not mean that the application does not have Arabic channels, but rather you will find in its list of channels many of them, such as France 24, Al Arabiya, films … and more Arab channels, discover them yourself.

Plus, the best thing about SPB TV is its intuitive interface, which lets you quickly switch between channels, and mark some of them as favorites so you can easily access them later.

You can download the app from google play store google play here:

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