Watch out! Before buying a used iPhone, iPad or iPod, make sure to check the Activation Lock

Before you buy a used iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you should pay close attention to a new feature that Apple has added to its devices, a feature called Activation Lock, which allows you to link your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with an Apple ID account. This feature prevents any Someone can access your device without knowing your account.

What is the Activation Lock feature useful for?

Apple has sought to make the theft of its devices useless to thieves, so that in the event of the device being stolen, the thief will not be able to benefit from it unless the feature is turned off by the original user, i.e. the owner of the device, by linking the phone to the Apple ID account. This feature is useful for anyone who has their device stolen as the thief will not be able to exploit the device’s data.

What is the problem with this feature?

If you have purchased a used device or forgot your Apple ID account, after restoring the device, you will find that it prompts you to enter the password in an “unknown” account for you, which is the account of the user of the device before you. You contact the seller to ask him to write the password for you, and he tells you that he does not know this account He bought the device from someone else and sold it to you as is. There is no solution to this problem, unfortunately there will be no benefit from the device.

How do I bypass this problem?

There is no solution to bypass the problem after falling into it, but you can avoid falling into it by making sure before buying a device that the seller has logged out from the cloud and you are logging in to your account before leaving the seller, otherwise you will not be able to use your device after the reset.

Simple steps through which this feature can be turned off easily

1. Go to the Settings app and then to the iCloud option
2. Swipe down until you see Localiser iphone option and close it
3. Once the feature is closed, you have to enter your iCloud account password, then the feature will be closed and Activation Lock will be closed with it as well.

What if I sold my device and forgot to turn it off?

In case you forgot to turn off the feature and sold your iPhone, you will have to turn off the feature through the iCloud web page, and you can do that via these steps:

1. Go to the site and enter your data
2. Open “Localiser iphone” and then click on the “Devices” option and you will see all the devices associated with your Apple ID account (it may take a little time to locate those devices).
3. Choose the device that you sold, and then press the “X” button to terminate the connection of this device with your account, you will see a confirmation message, press Remove to confirm.

Of course, there are a large number of users who are not aware of this. My brother, a follower of ArabPhone, you should take caution before buying the device from its owner, or before selling the device to someone who might get involved with the device and cause you a problem that has a beginning and no end. It is very important that you use this service before buying any used iPhone, even if it is new! It is possible to buy the device and it was stolen or had the Activation Lock feature that prevents you from using the device once the device was restored. The problem that many users encountered.

Before you buy a used phone and pay for it and you get into a problem, especially after the iPhone 6+ came out, and it’s more than $ 1000, visit the siteiCloud toolSimply check the device, the site is free.
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