Watch how to get this new and distinctive feature in the WhatsApp application, which you will live a lot

Pinning conversations in chat applications is not a new feature, but for some reason this feature was missing in the WhatsApp application, and instead of it, the feature was issued to put a star on the favorite and most important conversations, however, the latest beta version of the WhatsApp application for the Android platform revealed to us that WhatsApp has started Testing the feature of suspending conversations.

So far, this feature has not been officially launched, but if you want to get ahead of everyone and get it, it is enough to download the WhatsApp version that has the number 2.17.163 by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post. After you update it, you open the application and then choose Any conversation you want to install at the top, after choosing the conversation you press it long and then you will find at the top an icon to install you click on it.

whatsapp beta pinned

Then after that, the unit will be installed at the top, so even if you receive a lot of messages, it will not move from its place, and this feature is valid for adoption in groups or friends.
New update download link: WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.163 beta

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