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Very special and new programs that you should check out now [21/11/4]

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Perhaps what distinguishes the Windows operating system from the rest of the other systems is the large number of programs that you can download, install and enjoy on it. Almost every function in Windows has a program dedicated to making it easier to work on the computer. For our part, the experience of programs has always been a pleasure for us as we search in our own sources for all the programs that have been published first and show you the best among them. And the last thing that we showed of the best programs was through the topic of new programs at the Summit of Excellence. Let us introduce you to them, which I advise you to review and try the programs previously, and we reviewed them because they deserve. Today, we have a distinctive and new set of programs extracted from our experience of many programs over the past period, so let us show them to you.

1 Taskbar11

Since the new Microsoft system, Windows 11 does not allow to drag the taskbar to the side or up the screen, you can rely on Taskbar11, a portable program that restores the ability to move the taskbar in Windows 11 to the top of the screen in addition to making other modifications to overcome the limitations of taskbar control. The program is easy to use, and since it is portable, you can run it directly after downloading, then choose “Top” from the Taskbar Position menu and press the “Save” button below. File Explorer will restart and you’ll notice that the taskbar is stuck to the top of the screen.

Taskbar11 offers other options such as resizing the taskbar, moving icons to the left, and removing icons you don’t use from the taskbar. But to be frank, Taskbar11 is important because it brings back a feature that was removed in Windows 11 that allows you to put the taskbar on top, with the click of a button instead of relying on other methods that need to modify the registry. [تحميل البرنامج]

2 JewelVPN

A new software that provides VPN service to protect your online identity and access services that are blocked in your country. JewelVPN is available as a completely free VPN for Windows users where you don’t need to pay for a monthly/yearly subscription but you need to watch ads so you get a limited usage period of 1 hour for each ad viewed. But unfortunately, free software is not everything as JewelVPN is one of the simplest VPN services as there are only two servers available to connect from Germany and Finland, and all you need is to choose the preferred server and press Connect to get a new IP.

This simplicity is not acceptable in VPN programs in general, where the developer must support his program with more connection options or other features such as a Kill Switch to secure the connection to the virtual network, otherwise the experience of the program will become limited. But anyway, if you need a quick and simple way to connect to the internet anonymously then JewelVPN can provide what you need. [تحميل البرنامج]

3 IObit SysInfo

IObit’s latest software SysInfo comes as a free program to display detailed information about your computer within a very simple graphical interface. When turned on, it shows a summary of the device like OS version, processor, RAM size, graphics card, volume, etc. At the bottom of the window, you can also see the temperature of the processor and graphics card, as well as the hard drive and motherboard. SysInfo gives you an option to extract this information where by clicking on Export you will get a full report of all the information in the HTML and TXT file.

By clicking on an option in the sidebar, you can see more detailed information for each category. For example, in the “Memory” category you can see the number of slots available for adding another RAM stick. In short, SysInfo is a good option for checking computer components. Although the software is currently only available in English, it is very easy to use. [تحميل البرنامج]

4 Batch Image Resizer

It is one of the programs that you can turn to when you need to quickly change the dimensions of multiple images in one go. Batch Image Resizer has a very intuitive and straightforward graphical interface, all you simply need to get started is to add a single image or group of images either by dragging and dropping or adding the image file/folder manually. Knowing that the supported formats are not many but it covers the most common ones: JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF.

Once you add the images, you can move on to the next step which is to select the appropriate dimensions as per your preference. You can specify the dimensions according to percentage or pixels and then when everything is set press Process and the images will be resized immediately. Don’t expect Batch Image Resizer to do more than its name suggests, it’s a simple one-tasking program as we’ve indicated and this simplicity makes the perfect choice for anyone who’s always needed to quickly change the random dimensions of a set of images to uniform dimensions. [تحميل البرنامج]

5 MediaFlyout

It is a taskbar extension through which you can control the status of multimedia being played quickly and easily from one place. MediaFlyout makes it easy for users to keep track of which videos or music is playing, whether it’s in the browser or within another program open on the device. This applet will simply display the media names that work with controls to pause or play – without the need to physically navigate The program responsible for playing this media. Or you can click on its icon pinned next to the clock and all media will be stopped at once.

Overall, MediaFlyout is a standout piece of software, even if it seems like a “simple add-on”. Apart from this aspect, the software is also elegant and fits well with the rest of the Windows desktop environment. If you constantly listen to more than one media source, be sure to try this software out to get more control over certain media. [تحميل البرنامج]

6 PassFab Duplicate File Deleter

One of the operations that you need to perform from time to time is one of the operations that you need to perform from time to time, in order to free up storage space and improve the performance of your computer. Fortunately, there are many programs that do the job. PassFab Duplicate File Deleter is one of them and the most recent one that helps you detect and remove the duplicate files accumulated on the device easily.

The program supports different types of files, whether images, audio files, videos, etc. PassFab Duplicate File Deleter also comes with a very nice and simple graphical interface. All you have to do is select the folder to be scanned and it will then start searching for duplicates by content or name and filter the results by file size and type, all that remains is to select and remove any of the duplicates by pressing “Deduplicate”. The software is available to use for free for a trial period before a purchase is enforced, so you have enough time before you decide whether or not the software is worth it. [تحميل البرنامج]

7 Coaster . Program

A free program that provides thousands of images for you to download and use as your computer wallpaper. Coaster relies on the Unsplash library to get high-resolution images of various categories, as it arranges and displays them within a simplified interface to choose the appropriate background and set it with a single click as your desktop background.

Before getting started, note that Coaster is free software but on the download page the developer suggests donating $5 before getting the installation file. If you don’t want to contribute, you can change the value to 0 and press Buy this to download it for free.

After installing and running the program, search for the type of wallpaper or category of images and the corresponding backgrounds will be displayed in front of you in an orderly and orderly manner. You can then click on any image to see more details about it, download it, or set it as wallpaper. In addition, Coaster offers the ability to view collections of images under a specific keyword that are created by users on the Unsplash website. [تحميل البرنامج]


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