Truecaller 8 2017 brings 4 awesome new features to know about

The Truecaller website and application is one of the best websites in the world in providing the service of knowing the names of the callers and complete data about them through the archive and the storage memory on the site for more than 500 million numbers globally, which provides us with the ability to display the name of the owner of the number only by entering the number only. Download its application for smartphones for free, whether running Android, iOS or Windows Phone.
Truecaller 8 2017 brings 4 awesome new features to know about

The site is always keen to provide new wonderful features and additions for the convenience of users, and in the latest and new version of the application True caller Which holds the number 8, 4 great advantages have been provided to users, especially in the country of India now, and we will get to know them together.

Truecaller 8 brings 4 awesome new features to know about

First, you can download the application for smartphones with Android and iOS systems from the official website via the following link:truecaller

1. Truecaller Pay payment and money transfer service

Where a partnership was made between the company that owns the Truecaller application, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and ICICI Bank for the service of payment and money transfer between users via a peer-to-peer application, and it is currently limited to users in India for its global circulation later, and users of the application can Create an account and their own UPI ID, through which they can send and transfer money to any other ID, so that money can be transferred to the phone number registered with the application BHI .

Truecaller 8 2017 brings 4 awesome new features to know about

2. Video Calls

Truecaller and Google have partnered to improve video or video calling, and as we all know, Android phones will now come pre-loaded with the Google Calling app. Google Duo This will help the Truecaller app to fetch and present the appropriate information within the app interface, and this feature allows users to keep track of all video call logs and call logs.

Truecaller 8 2017 brings 4 awesome new features to know about

3. SMS service is enabled

Another feature in version 8 of the Truecaller application is the enabled SMS feature that allows users to have full control over the message box in their smart phones, while allowing users to see who sent the SMS and spam messages can be filtered and blocked as well.

4. Flash Messages

A wonderful new feature in the application, which is flash messages or expressive messages that enable them to know their geographic location, location, mood … etc. You can learn more about the new features in the Truecaller application by visiting the Truecaller website and blog Truecaller blog .

Truecaller 8 2017 brings 4 awesome new features to know about

In conclusion, my friend, a follower of Arab Future, we have learned about the most prominent new and wonderful features in the Truecaller No. 8 application, which will carry more wonderful things for its users globally, and see you in other useful posts.. Greetings to all of you.

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