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To prevent ransomware, you should use the best firewall programs for Windows – kzaplay

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After the great spread of viruses in the recent period, especially the ransom virus, which encrypts device files in several formats that are difficult to decrypt, so the only thing that you can do dear reader is to follow basic and logical protection methods. Prevention is not from a thousand treatments in this case, so here are the best programs Free Hardware Firewall for highly vulnerable Windows PCs.

1. TinyWall

What makes it a suitable choice for the best firewall for home is the fact that it does not offer any paid version at all, this means that there is nothing you will be deprived of, as the name says TinyWall takes a lightweight approach and also does not try to lure you by making a lot of promises it just tries to do its job Very well, it comes with an automatic learning mode to enforce rules as per user habits.

Software is light and does not take up a lot of space Provides quick buttons to enable normal protection Allows all traffic to be blocked Learning mode etc Provides password protection to protect software settings Can prevent applications from accessing LAN User can set timed firewall rules that expire after some time, and it also does not display ads and pop-ups.

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2. OpenDNS Home

Users of this software also get a free firewall to improve internet security while browsing random websites, you don’t need to deal with any tedious setup process just need to configure OpenDNS server on your device and then do few more steps, setup process is completely hassle free And the freeware program is the reason for mentioning it in this list.

Note that it does not conflict at all with Windows Firewall, provides 50 customizable filters divided by level of severity, and also provides protection from phishing and basic botnet protection, and firewall stats can be accessed via the web interface, and can be set directly on the router for maximum possible protection.

3. Windows Firewall

Finally why go anywhere else when you have a powerful free firewall built into Windows 10 sitting inside your computer? Yes Windows Firewall is still a very good solution that you can choose when you go for the best free firewall, it was first introduced with Windows XP in 2003 and it has improved a lot since then.

In Windows 10, one of the things you like about it is that Windows Defender runs so silently that most of the time you won’t even notice it’s on your computer. At the same time, it has a very simple user interface and is highly integrated with the system, and provides an easy way to blacklist and whitelist apps. User can easily create custom incoming and outgoing traffic rules.

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At the end of our article, I advise you to look at our previous article regarding the importance of firewall programs and are they really useful and we should use them or is it unnecessary? Where the founder Mahmoud Mounir presented you with a handful of his experience in this field and also talked about two other free firewalls that can also be highly relied upon if today’s list does not suit you.


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