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The secrets of Google search are very important and few know them

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Google is the famous search engine that is rich in definition, we use it constantly in searches and exploration for words and phrases to reach the content that we want to find. Statistics indicate that there are more than 2 trillion searches made on Google annually, which is up to 5.5 billion searches per day, or 228 million searches per hour. Surprisingly, like me, you will be able to perform this calculation through Google as well. But even if you are a Google search professional and are familiar enough with all its applications and sub-services such as “Google+, Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Hangout, Meet, Books, Maps, Research” but there are definitely some hidden elements in Google Drive that you may have missed, ,, In fact, most of us do not know about its existence in the first place. So let us show you a set of tricks and secrets that help us make the most of the Google drive with great skill.

1- Correcting words while searching in Arabic and English

Google drive contains a complete library that includes all the languages ​​of the world, Eastern, Western, Semitic, Arabic and other different languages. Google works to store all the correct words for those languages, so this forces all editors and writers from around the world to make sure that they write the correct language that their tongues belong to. So that Google can understand them, and therefore will have the ability to help searchers as they use Google to explore and find them. Therefore, if you try to search for one of the incorrect words that have not been integrated into its language library, Google will show you the most correct word in the language you are searching for.

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2- Using Google for arithmetic operations

If you want to perform any arithmetic operation and do not have a calculator or have problems using the calculator for the operating system, you can certainly rely on Google Drive as well. Just type the arithmetic operation you want, whether it is subtraction, addition or multiplication, then click on the “equals” sign on the keyboard, and you will see later the results of the calculation and the entire interface of the calculator.

3- Using Google to convert the value of coins

One of the best tools that Google contains is the currency conversion process, in this way you will not have to bother searching for the market value of the currency price and then calculating the price difference, and these things require more time. Just type in the amount with the symbol or name of the currency you are looking for and then write “To” or “to” and next to it the new currency you want to convert to. In the picture, we have converted 1000 US dollars into Egyptian pounds.

4- Converting measurements and weights

There are many reasons why we are looking for a way to convert measurements, distances, and weights into many different units of measure. Very easily convert inches to centimeters, mass to pounds, weight to kilograms, mileage to kilometres, and any kind of mass and distance calculator. Just write the number in the name of the weight and then to the unit of measurement you want to convert to, as in the picture.

5- Know the weather and temperatures

Through Google, you can know the temperatures in detail by typing “temperatures..then the name of the area whose temperatures you want to know.” If it allows Google the necessary powers to know your place of residence, the temperature results will appear as soon as you type the temperatures in the search bar as shown In the picture.

6- Excluding some items from the search

If you are trying to search for something in particular and are afraid of facing the flow of all the results that include the global search without specifying what you want to search for, you can only use the minus sign during the search “-”, this method is only valid in English, for example if you You are looking for smart phones and do not want any news about Android systems, so it will exclude the word “Android” with the suffix of the minus sign, as shown in the image.

7- Search for files and documents only

If you are trying to find files or documents for some educational or study levels, explanations or details of any information you are trying to search for in PDF or DOC format, you will write the name of the thing you want to search for, followed by the word “Filetype” and then two dots and then write the PDF or DOC as it is illustrated in the picture.

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8- Review the results of the matches as soon as possible

The most famous sports and all Arab and foreign cups, Olympics, and championships are completely scheduled in Google, and their results are updated moment by moment. Chelsea”, or you can just type in the name of the tournament and you will find all the results of the matches played at the same time or know the upcoming broadcast dates for it.

9- Know the flight schedules and prices

If you want to know the available flight times near your city and the cost of the ticket, write the name of the two cities in English “Remember that the search process is committed to writing the first three letters of the city name and not its full name.” For example, you searched for available flight dates from Jeddah to Cairo.

10- Detection of the nearest nearby companies and stores

You can search for the nearest stores near you and check their working hours, just type in the search engine “the nearest restaurants, computer companies, or phone stores near me” and results will appear to you with their names and locations on a Google map.

11- Include more than one word in the search

If you want to search for something related to something else, you must write the word “Allintitle” before the search terms without a space and then a colon, and then add the terms you are trying to search for. For example I include Messi and Manchester United next to it, so I’m asking Google to prioritize their searches to include results that relate to each other.

12- Search for images by choosing a specific color

If you are trying to search for some images and want to limit the search process to images of a specific color only, all you have to do is click on the toolbar and choose the color tab, then choose the exact color you are looking for. Also, through the Tools tab, you can specify the search for images according to the size or the type of image format.

13- Start playing with Google

And now you know all the tricks and secrets that the Google search engine contains, if you think that there is nothing new, now it’s time and have fun, just type in the search bar the name of the game tic tac toe and it is a famous game that we have always played since our childhood, start playing to see if You can beat Google or not. You can also play the game with a friend of yours if you wish.


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