The latest version of the Snapchat application for Android and iPhone

Some say that Snapchat has many advantages or shortcomings, so to speak, to add to its famous application. Today, the company launched a new update to the application on Android and iOS that brings an important feature that was missing from the application.

Previously, the comment on videos and photos was vague, but after the new update, you can drag up and comment on the same video, for example. Not only that, the video owner will know that the comment on this video, unlike the previous one, was mixed.

This feature in responses will improve interaction within the application and is considered the main feature in the update. If you discover new features, you can tell us about them in the comments box below.

Download the snapchat app for Android and iPhone:

The new update is available for iOS via the Store Apple Store And for Android also via the store Google Play.

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