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The best scanner software for Android phones Scanner App

If you want to copy your documents or your important files through a scanner that provides a clear and high-resolution image, through which you can send it to anyone and in clear quality in PDF format or save as an image, you can send it by fax or print and Upload them to cloud storage sites to keep those documents as long as possible. In this topic, programs and applications will be provided that you can rely on to copy your files and keep them in high quality on your computer or mobile phone, and these applications only work by Android phones and You can sweat it in this thread.
PDF Scanner App

One of the best document scanning applications and the ability to share them via mobile phones. Capture the image directly, such as cutting the margins and improving the images in terms of quality and clarity.

– The program works directly after directing the phone’s camera to the paper documents, and you can choose the best angle to take pictures and add adjustments to them before making the process of saving on the phone or sharing them. Through the document sending feature.


Download CamScanner from here

– a programTiny Scanner
– The Tiny Scanner application is characterized by ease of use and the ability to save each sheet separately in a pdf file, with the ease of adjusting the margins and cutting the extra parts on the pages, and you can also take clearer pictures with no watermark, unlike the CamScanner program, and the program is also distinguished The ability to take many photos, edit them and save them in a single file in PDF format, or save them as images on a mobile phone.

– The application contains all the possible tools that enable you to modify the files that are scanned through the phone, such as the cutting tool, selecting a part of the page, saving it and sharing it with other phones or uploading it to the e-mail.

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