The best programs and applications to cut off the Internet on those who are connected with you on the network

Peace be upon you. In today’s post, we will learn about a group of programs specialized in cutting off the Internet for those connected to the network, including programs and applicationsSomewhat known and some unknown.
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As mentioned above, we will get acquainted with a group of the best programs to cut off the Internet for those who are connected with you on the network, and so that the post does not take a long time, we will get to the heart of the matter:
netCUT program:
Among the well-known programs, it provides a service to cut off the Internet for the callers of your choice. After downloading and installing it, you will check the network, all the callers will appear, and after that, you can cut the Internet to whomever you want.

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This program was previously explained by Brother Abdel Latif. Therefore, I will leave you the link to the page that contains the video explanation.

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Colasoft Capsa:
This program is professional with distinction, with many many features, it performs a comprehensive and complete network check, provides internal and external interfaces, and more… I leave you the opportunity to explore it.

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Now we will go through the applications that perform the same role:
netCUT application:
It is affiliated with the same program company that you mentioned previously, and the beauty of the application is that it gives you the type of device that is connected with the manufacturer’s record.A simple note is that it needs root privileges.

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home wifi alert PRO :
A completely unknown application, it also has great features that I leave you the opportunity to discover. But the different thing about it is that it offers a different way to cut off the internet by entering the router settings, so the device will not be able to connect again.


This was the most important programs and applications specialized in cutting the net. There are many of them that I did not mention because they are famous and there is no need for that.

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