The best application to follow the results of sports matches on smartphones

To follow all the results of matches on Android devices, iPhone and Windows Phone, there are many sources. Today I am talking about the most prominent of them, which is the 365 Scores application to know the results of the matches first hand. Showing the results of the matches at the moment only, but it offers a number of other features, the most important of which is that it covers the latest match statistics as well as displays the details of the match and the team lineup in a wonderful interactive style, and not only that, but also provides the standings of the teams in the entire league as well as displays videos of the most beautiful sports moments.
The best application to follow the results of sports matches on smartphones

Features of the 365 Scores app:

Full support for the Arabic language
Match schedules in a simple form
The results of the matches in real time the moment the goal is scored.
A summary of the goals of the match at the end
Voice notifications delivered to your mobile phone
View match details, team line-up and game plan in detail in an excellent interactive manner
A large number of great shots and videos of athletes
The latest news of your favorite team, supported by photos and videos, if any
View the standings of the teams in the tournament you are following in full
Ten different sports: football, basketball, handball, baseball, American football, volleyball, rugby, tennis, hockey, cricket
The ability to chat with all those interested in the match from all over the world.

The best application to follow the results of sports matches on smartphones

Leagues covered by the 365 Scores match results application:

The match results application includes the most important domestic and European leagues and more than 1000 leagues from all over the world, such as: La Liga, English Premier League, Copa America, Champions League, Euro 2016, World Cup, African Nations Cup, African Champions League and Champions League Asia, the Egyptian League, the Abdul Latif Jameel League, the Saudi League, the leagues in the Gulf, the Iraqi League, while following up on the latest international sports developments in general and Arab sports in particular.

Download the 365 Scores app:

For Android devices:

For iPhone and iPad App Store:

For Windows Phone users:

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