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Applications are developing day by day and a lot of new applications appear, and most developers always make their applications multi-tasking in order to satisfy the public, but there is another group of applications that its developers decided to make specialized so that it does only one function, but it performs this function To the fullest. Since there is a very large group of people seeking niche applications, in this article we will present to you some of the best applications that can do one thing but very well.

WiFi Analyzer

Allows you to apply WiFi Analyzer A lot of things related to the Wi-Fi network, as it helps you to know the least crowded channels to adjust the Wi-Fi settings from the router to any of these channels to get a strong and uninterrupted connection, it also strengthens the Wi-Fi signal and prevents network interference, in addition to that it displays the distance It is between you and each network and does some tests to find out the strength of the Wi-Fi signal, so if you are facing a problem with your Wi-Fi network, you will not find better than this application to help you; It is also worth noting that this application does not hack or detect the WiFi password, but it is a WiFi analyzer designed by professionals to obtain a strong WiFi signal based on the modification in the settings and characteristics of the router.


Implementation Hurry Available for free for Android, it is an app that counts down the big days and events in your life, telling you how many days are left until Christmas, family events, etc.; The app keeps you informed and synchronized with the most important events in your life with optional notifications and GIFs. The app can also sync with your calendar if you wish. There are also plenty of customization tools that you can use, so it’s a great app. Very for people who struggle with forgetting the special occasions of the important people in their life, this app will always help you to remember the occasions that you don’t want to miss.


Implementation Compass Available for iOS only, it’s a very simple and easy to read compass with a huge screen to show direction and address. Sure, there is a compass app for iPhones, but there are a lot of people who want to try different apps, especially if they are free and offer them a better view than the default option.


StepsApp is available for both operating systems iOS AndAndroidIt is considered one of the best applications used to record steps while walking. The application allows you to know the number of steps, distance traveled, active calories and much more. The application also has a simple and easy-to-read interface, in addition to six wonderful additional colors that you can choose the right one for the main interface, The iOS app also offers Apple Health integration and support for Apple watch, so if you want a powerful pedometer and activity tracker, this is one of the best options out there.


Implementation GlobeTempus It allows you to know the time of any region around the world, and although there are many other services that you can use to know the times of different regions such as Google, Siri, or other services, these services cannot compete with the GlobeTempus application available for iOS devices Frankly, as the application shows you the time of the same day in the cities you have chosen at a glance and allows you to quickly choose different locations around the world in addition to the fact that the application supports approximately 150,000 locations around the world, in addition to that through this application you can see the unique landmarks that are famous for each city, and more.


GuitarTuna is available for both operating systems iOS AndAndroidThe application is considered the most popular and most popular application for tuning guitar harmony and different stringed instruments, and it is used by beginners and professionals. The application is very simple and easy to use, and it uses the built-in microphones in the phone and does not need any additional cables. It was designed by professional audio engineers, so if you want an app to tune your guitar or stringed instrument, you won’t find better than this app, and judging by the users’ experience, the app passes the accuracy test in stages.

ShopSavvy QR Code Reader

ShopSavvy App Available for Devices iOS AndAndroid For free, it allows you to scan QR codes with some additional features such as searching for any product through the code and comparing different prices for the product in many sites, in addition to having a history page for all the scanned codes. So this app is a good option instead of using the default camera app found in most iOS and Android devices.


Augmented reality app “Measure” is available as its predecessor for devices Android and devices iOS / iPadOS. This application estimates the space consumed by any object monitored by the camera based on augmented reality technology “AR”. The accuracy of the application depends on the capabilities of your device, so the Apple iPad that comes with a “LiDAR” scanner will provide the best performance. It is also worth noting that there are some leaks that show that the upcoming iPhone 12 will contain this scanner, so please review our previous topic in which we discussed in detail what the “LiDAR” scanner is and what this scanner will offer for iPhone devices.


It is considered an application Streaks A simple and well-designed way to see how consistent or committed you are in doing anything you want to accomplish or follow through. This app gives you the number of consecutive days you do something like make sure you drink enough water every day, or it tracks you the number of days you In it, you avoided the habit of smoking and other habits and things, whether you wanted to adhere to it and maintain it or avoid it. The app is only available for iOS devices at $5.


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