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Solve the problem that the router settings page does not appear

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When you have a router in your home, you certainly get some advantages such as that you are the only controller of the Internet around you, but this certainly does not mean that you will not face problems as you will face many famous problems such as how to protect the Wi-Fi network from penetration, or if there is Many people are connected to your router, so you should know how to prevent certain people and devices from connecting to your router, but one of the problems that you will face one day is that the router settings page does not appear or that you cannot access it, so without much introduction you will We share with you how to solve this problem.

At the beginning of the matter, you should know that if you encounter this problem, it is normal and through these lines you will be able to eliminate that problem completely, God willing, but that problem occurs for a reason, and therefore we will mention every reason that can lead to the emergence of that problem , so that you can preview the cause and know how you can get rid of it, and now let’s start by mentioning the reasons that can lead to this problem, but you should pay attention first to review the problem of the router settings page not appearing from the ground up and not a problem in accessing the router settings page due to an error in Username and hemorrhoid because we have already shared with you how Knowing the user and the router鈥檚 password in case the password is lost.

1- The router’s IP address is different

The IP address of the router and the most famous is It is enough for you to type it in the browser search bar to be able to enter the router settings page, and it is rarely different, but it can be one of the people who previously used your router and connected to the Internet through it that he changed Router IP Address To enter the settings page and to check the IP address of your router, you will need to open a CMD command prompt.

By pressing the Windows + R button, then typing the CMD command in the search box and then pressing the Enter button. If you are a Windows 10 user, you can press the Windows + X button on the keyboard, then choose the command prompt admin, and when it opens Command Prompt You will type the following command ip config, and then go to the last line in the command prompt to find Default Gateway and next to it the IP address of the router it is connected to, this address is what you will use in the search box to enter the router settings page, if the problem persists and the message still appears This website is not accessible so you will need to go to the second reason.

2- protection program

This reason does not happen often, but we must draw your attention to it, as some protection program or firewall sometimes prevents your device from accessing the router settings page because you frequently access it, so the protection program or firewall considers that this happens without any intervention from you. It is a kind of hack, but instead of checking the firewall or the protection program, you can get rid of this by entering the router settings page through another computer or through your phone and so you have been able to bypass this problem, but if the problem persists , you can move to the cause and the last solution.

3- Reset the router

If none of the previous reasons affected this problem, then this means that this problem is in a very large proportion a problem with the router itself, and through my exposure to this problem previously, the solution to get rid of this problem is to reset the router by doing a reset of the router Through a small button located on the side of the router, and after you perform a factory reset or reset the router settings to the default state, you will find that you are able to enter the router settings page without any other problems.


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