Send more than 100 photos and more than 1 GB of videos via WhatsApp

I think that you have previously heard of the new blue WhatsApp application or WhatsApp Plus, the latter that was developed by the developers of WhatsApp, which added many features that are not available in the regular application, and today, God willing, we will address two of these features that they asked me About her a lot of fans annotated page.


Send more than 10 photos
One of the features that WhatsApp provided in this application is to send many images, we all know that in the normal WhatsApp you cannot send more than 10 images at once, but with WhatsApp Plus you can send up to 100 images at once, all you have to do is download the existing application At the bottom of the post and enter your account as if you were in the normal WhatsApp, then send your photos without restrictions and freely.

Send big videos
With Blue WhatsApp, you can send more than 1 GB of videos!! Yes, it is a fact. Many of those who want to send videos that are rather large or more than 16Mp via WhatsApp have to compromise the quality of the video in order to be sent successfully, but with the new WhatsApp application, you will not have to compromise the quality of the video.

This was a rather simple post through which I loved to provide assistance to people who suffer from this problem and they always ask questions across the page. If you benefited from the post, do not forget to leave a motivational comment and share the post with your friends.

note : While you open the application, a message will pop up telling you to update, just ignore it by pressing Cancel.

Download the application: Download WhatsApp Plus

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