Security – Antivirus Boost 360 APK 3.7.5

360 Mobile Security- Antivirus is one of the best protection and security applications for Android, the application is very effective to protect your device against the latest viruses and malware, protect privacy and any other threats, the program also offers other functions such as cleaning your device, locking open tasks, speeding up the device and saving energy, the application has a distinctive and easy interface Usage, and some other functions we will explain in the advantages of the application.
Features and features of the 360 ​​Mobile Security- Antivirus application:
1. The application ranks first in the fight against viruses and malware in the AV Test – to provide your device with reliable protection against all threats that can infect your device. The application also provides automatic and proactive scanning of any unsafe downloads from the Internet, and also provides protection against malware and malware Spyware, annoying adware and spam.
2. All-in-one cleaning tool:
The application contains a tool to clean your device comprehensively, as it scans the system and detects all unnecessary files, temporary files and application remnants, and you can clean them with one click. This definitely helps to speed up your device and free up free space on your device after deleting those unnecessary data.
3. System Boost & Acceleration Tool:
The application also comes with a system booster and acceleration tool, which automatically deletes and closes tasks and processes that run in the background of your device, which of course negatively affects the speed of the device. The application comes with smart algorithms that speed up applications on your device and get rid of slow, frequent freezes and other problems.
4. Intelligently save battery power – The application intelligently tracks the tasks and applications that drain battery power and use the largest amount of device resources and works to close them automatically to make your device work efficiently and quickly while saving battery power to a minimum.
5. Innovative and easy-to-use design: The application provides a modern and easy-to-use design as it displays all the tools in an organized manner, and with simple clicks you can perform the scan or use any tool you wish.
6. Privacy Protection:
The application provides a lock to enhance privacy and security on your device, where you can select the pattern you want to lock applications, messages, photos and other files and documents on your device and keep them out of the reach of others.
7. Anti-theft service: 
The application provides you with an effective anti-theft tool where you can delete data remotely by logging into your account on any other Android device. You can also accurately locate your lost or stolen device on the map, in addition to the possibility of launching a remote alarm to locate your device. Lock the phone remotely or erase all its data, and you can activate the anti-theft feature remotely by entering this link of the application http://findphone.360safe.com.

8 . Application management:
The application provides you with the ability to manage all the applications installed on your Android device, where you can uninstall applications and files in APK format, or move them from one place to another, for example from the internal memory to the external memory and the SD card for the phone.
Other features of the application:

Take advantage of dual antivirus protection to keep your system against any threats.
Scan installed apps and APK files on your device in real time and monitor and control all new app installations.
– Detect and identify vulnerabilities in your device, fix and verify them.
Clear and close applications that are open in the background as well as clear your usage history with one click.
– Change device settings, optimization and speed up with one click.
– Multiple functions such as . Set an alarm, turn on the flashlight, boost your device, and drawer for notifications.
– Block unwanted phone calls and messages.

Compatible with: Android 2.2 and above

Size: 5MB
Version: 3.7.5
Developer:Qihu 360 Software Co., LTD
License: Free

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