Riyad Al-Salihin is an entire software for Android

The Ebook of Riyadh Al-Salihin from the Phrases of the Grasp of the Messengers, authored by Imam Yahya bin Sharaf Al-Nawawi Al-Dimashqi, and collects on this e book the genuine hadiths narrated on the authority of the Messenger of God Muhammad bin Abdullah in all issues of religion and life, and presents them organized in chapters and chapters, to be matters which might be straightforward for the reader to return to and profit from. The e book consists of 1903 hadiths narrated with a quick chain of narrators, starting with the companions usually, and infrequently with the followers. It incorporates 1896 hadiths divided into 372 chapters. He transmits the sayings and actions of Muhammad, as narrated by the Companions, and in just a few circumstances he transmits a number of the sayings and actions of the Companions, mourning the Messenger of God or striving along with his steerage. The hadiths are distributed in fifteen (books), and the e book consists of a number of chapters, the variety of which varies in keeping with their topic, and the chapters are numbered in sequential order from the start of the e book to its finish, totaling 300 and seventy-three chapters.
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Android system 1.5and better variations
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 Obtain from Google Play

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