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Requirements to run FIFA 2020 on the device – kzaplay

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Game play requirements and specificationsNew FIFA 2020 on PC and Laptop

LaunchedEASport is the leading company in electronic games, especially football games, which develops the FIFA game every year The new version of the famous game FIFA 2020 in September of this year, which comes with new and distinct features and characteristics to facilitate the formation and preparation of your favorite team, the purchase of distinguished players and the technical director of the team, the selection of camps and training grounds on different tactical plans, which differ from the version of Fifa 2018 and it is possible to play on Play devices Playstation 4, 3, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

The game contains many international leagues, including the English Premier League, Italian, Spanish, German, and many leagues around the world to enter the fierce competition. This is what will be transferred to you in this topic so that users can know the minimum requirements for running the new FIFA game on the device, as well as the specifications of the devices and the operating requirements for each device.

FIFA 2020
Minimum specifications required to run FIFA 2020
– Intel Core i3-2100 Processor
– AMD CPU Phenom II X4 965
NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB GeForce Graphics Card
AMD Radeon HD 7850 graphics card
– Random memory about 8 GB (RAM)
Works on Windows 7 – 8.1 – 10 with 64-bit architecture
– Internal space on the hard disk is about 5 . emptyGigabyte
– Install Direct X 11 and Net Formwork.
Internet connection at a speed of no less than 512 kilobits per second.

Recommended specifications to run FIFA2020
– Intel Core i5 i5-3550 Processor
– AMD CPU FX 8150
GeForce GTX 670 graphics card
AMD Radeon R9 270X Graphics Card
– Random memory about 8 GB (RAM)

Working on Windows 10 64-bit architecture
– Internal space on the hard disk is approx50Gigabyte

– Connect to the Internet at a speed of not less than 2 megabytes per second.
– Install Direct X 11 and Net Formwork.


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