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protect yahoo email from hacking

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Certainly everyone knows that any account on the Internet can know its password, the hacker has become more sophisticated in terms of knowing the password or reaching the password in several ways, but you also know that most of the large and famous sites have become more protection and security, especially the protection system through Two step verification, when this feature is activated, the account becomes linked to your phone. Where the password becomes a primary verification method and the code sent to the phone becomes a second verification method. If the login is made from an unrecognized device, a code will be sent to your phone and you must enter this code in order to be able to access the account. Continue after the break.

So far, this feature is only supported by a few countries, but I think it will be available to more countries soon.

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Note the topics above are very important, as you can protect your Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter account through the same feature, as it is also activated there. Imagine that on your phone you can protect your account and also be less likely to be suspended for an important reason, which is that by activating the phone you prove to the site that you are a human and not a spam, Therefore, your account will not be suspended at all. So, follow the steps below to activate the protection system for Yahoo email.

Activate two-step verification for yahoo email login

At first, to activate this feature, you need your own phone until the phone is linked to the account, so that your account is completely secure through your phone, and no one can access the account except through the phone, so you log in to https://edit.yahoo.com/commchannel/sec_chal_manage Then put a checkmark next to “‘, to add the phone number.

Then you choose the country and write the phone number, and note, as I explained, that not all countries are currently supported, but more countries are added from one period to another.

Then a code arrives to you on the phone and you enter it, thus your Yahoo Mail account is linked to the phone, and if you log in from any device that was not recognized before, a code will be sent to you on the phone and asks you to enter this code in order to be able to access the email. Thus, if the hacker knows the password, he will not be able to access your account because he will need your phone.

Certainly, the ‚Äútwo-step verification‚ÄĚ security system in general is a wonderful and distinctive system as it provides great protection for your account. Also, if you want to retrieve the account, you will be able to do so through your phone, because you will be able to prove that the account belongs to you. I recommend activating the feature if you are from one of the countries where the feature is available, and in general more countries are activated at intervals. Therefore, if the feature is not activated in your country, wait until it is activated.


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