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pdfFactory 8.00 program with great capabilities – kzaplay

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pdfFactory is a useful program for modifying PDF files, through the program, you can add passwords to your files and preserve the rights of these files, as well as delete any pages from the PDF file and also create files with ease, you can by pressing CTRL + P Or enter the print command and choose pdfFactory. You will be able to create the file automatically, and you can then modify it, either by adding after words to the created file or cutting other parts of the displayed files.

And we will show you the experience of this program through personal experience with it. First, the free version of the program does not provide any significant advantages, but at the same time you can use the pdfFactory Pro version in the trial period to show some capabilities within the program, including the tool for modifying files and adding texts and Change fonts within the program.


The powerful features within the program pdfFactory Pro:-
1- The program helps you to completely modify PDF files by cutting and removing sentences from the file.
2- The ability to change the color of the displayed texts to GrayScale.
3- The possibility of adding some notes and texts within the program.
4- Adding the date and shares and specifying texts inside a box, as well as the possibility of blocking some words inside the file.
5- The ability to add many fonts that exist on Windows and add written notes.
6- You can also remove some pages from the files that you create.
7- The ability to add passwords to files to not be tampered with or modified.
8- Add texts and many signatures.
9- Adding graphics and making copies and pasting them easily.
10- Convert texts to links for conversion to different sites.
11- Add important texts and comments to files

How does the program work?pdfFactory  :-
First: Open the existing file in any format and select the print command, mostly from file and then print, from the option to select the type of printer, choose pdfFactory and you will find a new file open in the program interface.

Second: Log in to the program and you will find it automatically saved on your computer, and then make the appropriate modification to the file and choose save.

Information about the version of PDF Factory for PC
Software version:pdfFactory 8.04
Release date: November 2021
Developer: fineprint
Program size: 14.1 MB
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows 10 – Windows7- Windows8
Software License: Trial
Category: computer programs 2021, programs to open and run pdf files

Download the free PDF file maker from here – the regular version :-

pdfFactory is a program that allows you to open, run and edit PDF files on the computer


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