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New recently released PC software worth downloading and installing [2019/8/31] – kzaplay

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Certainly a long time has passed since the last time we reviewed the best programs of the week for the computer, as the last topic in the series was published more than 30 days ago and undoubtedly during this period a lot of new programs appeared on the scene, which we want – as usual – to shed light on the best of between them and giving you the opportunity to try them out; Today we have 5 distinct programs, some of which do the function of enlarging images without sacrificing quality, a program to cut off the Internet from the installed programs, and another to cut parts of the video, and others, so let us present it to you in some detail below.

First program: AI Image Enlarger

AI Image Enlarger is very special so I wanted to start the list with it, it enlarges small images and makes them more visible using AI to bring back the details of the image again all within 30 seconds. Indeed, we tested the program and it gave us surprisingly surprising results.

It is actually very easy to use due to the simplicity of the graphic interface, all you have to do is drag and drop the image to the program window, then select the image style from the Image Styles menu and the image enlargement ratio: 2x 200% or 4x 400%, then press Submit and wait for the image to be analyzed And click Download to get the new high-definition version. And because the program is linked to artificial intelligence, it needs an Internet connection in order to perform this function without problems. [تحميل البرنامج]

The second program: ImageFinder

ImageFinder offers a free solution to find all the identical or duplicate images anywhere on your hard drive. It also provides you options to remove one copy or both copies at once, and its user interface is simple and easy to use – it allows you to simply drag and drop the partitions or folders you want to search to its window and press the Search button to start the search task.

ImageFinder displays the results in a list with thumbnails of the identical or duplicate models found, making it easy for you to select which version you want to remove. Note that it supports many image formats such as BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and JPEG, but the program does not provide an option to backup, instead From this, all deleted files are sent to the Recycle bin or permanently deleted from the device. [تحميل البرنامج]

The third program: TKPlayer

TKPlayer is a new free and versatile media player that allows you to effectively play all types of video and audio files on your PC with advanced controls that are not found in most software available in the market today. The program supports all popular audio video formats including MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, MP3 and many more. Moreover, it supports playback of high definition videos such as Ultra HD and 4K and even supports viewing of 3D videos.

What sets TKPlayer apart from other free options is its ability to play movies using closed captions And it is only supported by a few media players. In addition, TKPlayer allows you to flexibly control the media by changing playback options such as adjusting brightness, contrast, color saturation, height along with adjusting audio balance, adding subtitles, etc.

enjoy TKPlayer It has a very cool interface and has some interesting features like extracting screenshots from video and saving them as JPG or PNG. Anyway, it is well worth the experience. [تحميل البرنامج]

Fourth program: ProgCop

ProgCop gives you the power to take control of programs that eat up a large amount of your limited internet package, so you can simply disconnect the internet from those programs and not others. The main advantage of this program is its simplicity, we have tried many similar programs in the field, but this program excels in terms of ease of use, in addition to that, it works immediately without installation, and its size is light so that it does not take up space from the hard disk.

And disconnect the Internet from one of the installed programs, all you have to do is run it and wait for the program to appear on the main screen under the Process name column. Right click on it and select “add” to be added to the list of blocked programs.

However, if you don’t find it, click on Rules, then Add Application, and select the program’s run file (.exe) to be recognized and blocked. It should appear under the Application path column in green.. [تحميل البرنامج]

Fifth Program: TunesKit Video Cutter

TunesKit Video Cutter is an ideal tool to cut and split video and audio clips into small parts and save them in any format including MP4, MPEG, AVI, FLV and MP3 without any cost at the expense of quality. In addition to easily trimming a video, you can also use it to combine multiple clips into one brand-new video with 100% original quality.

TunesKit Video Cutter also bundles a professional video editor that allows you to add color effects to your video, including changing dimensions, adjusting brightness and contrast, adding visual tag, subtitles, and other editing actions to make your videos more unique as you wish. The software is also equipped with an advanced optimizer that makes the video cutting process 60 times faster than any competitive software in the market. You shouldn’t have a hard time using it thanks to its simple interface. [تحميل البرنامج]


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