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New light games for PC that you must try [+30 لعبة]

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1-Quad Motorbike Challenge

It is a light racing game that has great control and winding desert tracks that need a secreteh You can also compete with people over the Internet. (Download the game)

2- 4×4 Offroad Race

It is a car racing game, but it specializes in 4×4 vehicles that are powerful in racing, where you can race with this type of cars only, but you can add shapes to cars and increase their efficiency. (Download the game)

3-Galaxy Invaders

It is a game that will bring you back memories, where in this game you will control the spaceship that launches at the aliens who want to occupy the planet Earth and of course you can add to it some various weapons. (Download the game)

4- Operation Ubersoldat

It is an action game that begins right after World War II, where you control a soldier who brings information for his government, so it is characterized by wonderful difficult missions and contains a lot of classic weapons. (Download the game)

5-slenders woods

It is a horror and adventure game, a game of chase in a dark forest and searching for paper in the jungle makes you stay alive as you follow the right path that you must search. (Download the game)

6-Forest Bike

It is a motorcycle game, but it is special where you will not race with anyone but will ride your bike in the forest where the path is open and if you fall from it all you have to do is press the R button and it will bring you back to it again and start over. (Download the game)

7-Mathematics Easily

Are you good at doing arithmetic operations? If the answer is yes, then this game will be suitable for you, as it will improve your skill in arithmetic and in a quick way as well, as you will solve simple mathematical puzzles in a specific time and each stage becomes more difficult. (Download the game)


It is a wonderful game that tests the extent of your control with the mouse, as it will allow you to draw shapes with the mouse, which are geometric shapes, and with the passage of the stages, the difficulty increases, but the drawing must be very similar to the original displayed drawing so that you can move to the next stage. It also requires speed because you must You complete your drawing in a specific time. (Download the game)

9-Gem Hunter

It is a somewhat traditional game where you will collect gems, and on your way to that you will overcome the obstacles of course that will confront you, and they are many and varied obstacles where you will not get bored of them quickly and you will try again a lot. (Download the game)

10-Sky War

It is an aircraft game in which you will control a warplane and shoot and target enemy planes, and in it you can also dodge to avoid enemy strikes, as it is characterized by easy and smooth control that makes you addicted to it. (Download the game)


It is one of the addictive games where you will not stop playing it easily, as it combines accuracy of observation and puzzles, in which you will connect water connections in all directions so that the water can pass through it. (Download the game)

12-Army Combat 3D

It is an action and shooting game that contains a lot of missions that you need to complete in a specific time, otherwise you will repeat the mission again. (Download the game)

13-Most Wanted 2

It is the second part of the famous game Most Wanted, which is no less fast and crazy than the first part, but new tracks and other types of cars have also been added. (Download the game)

14-One Tanchik

Do you remember the game of tanks that was on the Atari? If the answer is yes, then of course you have thought of trying it again, this game is very similar with some slight differences, it is definitely suitable for everyone who wants to remember the classic games. (Download the game)

15-Truck Driver Crazy Road 2

It is a racing game, but a big truck race where it is characterized by strength more than speed, and in it you will find great graphics for its size, four tracks to race on, 40 challenging mission-like tasks during the race, and it also has a radio that you can listen to during your tour. (Download the game)

17-Solitaire 2

Of course, the name of the game is enough to introduce it, as it is the second part of the most famous and entertaining game over the years on the computer, which hardly anyone knows, so he hurried to try the new part. (Download the game)

18-Logic Ball

It is a game that requires good accuracy so that you can control the ball and not let it fall, as there are many difficult zigzags that require speed to change the course of the ball before it falls. (Download the game)

19-Snake 3D

The snake game returns to us in its new dress, as it is now 3D, as it is also one of the games that has been tried by many, so if you have not tried it yet, the opportunity has come to you. (Download the game)

20-ls Chess 3

It is a new chess game with many shapes that make it more fun, such as military shapes, as shown in the picture, and you can also face your friends by exchanging roles. (Download the game)

21-Amazing Shooter 3D

It is a wonderful action and shooting game in which you will hunt fierce jungle animals that seek to eliminate you like bears and will be provided with wonderful weapons that make your task easy to eliminate them. (Download the game)

22-Arkanoid 55

If you look at the attached picture, of course, you will know what the game is, as it does not need to be defined or explained. All you have to do is move the mouse right or left in order to keep the ball from falling and breaking the largest amount of stones. (Download the game)

23-Rise Of The Zombies

After the spread of the disease and the transformation of all people into zombies, you will be alone in this game, defend your survival by killing the largest number of zombies and finding amples so that you do not lose. (Download the game)

24-Sokoman 3

This game was available on phones that support the Java system in the past, but now it is available on the computer to try it, and it is a simple puzzle, which is moving the boxes in certain directions so that you put them in the appropriate place. (Download the game)

25-Sea Battle 3D

It is a wonderful marine game in which you will defend your naval ship against other ships by firing cannons on it and many other weapons that you will supply to your ship over time and bypassing the different stages. (Download the game)

26-Parkour GO

In this game, you will climb walls and jump from the brightest buildings and different buildings, but you have to beware of falling, as it is somewhat difficult, but the control will make it easier for you to make jumps and climb with sufficient speed and skill. (Download the game)

27- Geometry Dash

Of course, many of us have tried this game on the Android system, where it was available on the Google Play Store for free, but now it is paid, but here it is now available on computers to try it. It is a game that requires speed and accuracy and you will never be able to pass the first level from the first or second attempt, so you must To try a lot, all you have to do is jump in the specified places and dodge the obstacles, and it is one of the addictive games. (Download the game)

28-Pool 8

We certainly will not conclude our topic without mentioning the game of billiards, so we have brought you this new game, of course all billiard games are very similar, but this game is characterized by a new angle of vision that will make it easier for you to win. (Download the game)

29-Street Fighter 2015

It is a street fighting game that is not great, but it is characterized by great graphics and many movements that eliminate the opponent. (Download the game)

30-Space Storm

It is a spaceship game where you will defend the planet against food. (Download the game)

31-Dark Place

In this game, you will walk in the dark, and as you walk, you will be met with different monsters of this darkness, but they will appear suddenly, so you must be ready to confront them. (Download the game)


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