Learn about this new and secret way to get double internet speed on your phone or on your computer without software!

Many phone users, or Internet users in general, suffer from weak Internet problems, and you notice that the Internet is fast on some sites and slow on other sites, as the communication company is the same that cuts the Internet on sites that people use a lot, such as YouTube And Facebook and other sites that people are addicted to a lot, and this is to reduce the pressure on the servers of the communication company, and this is common in many Arab countries.
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So if you were suffering from this problem, this topic definitely interests you, today I will show you a new and exclusive way to speed up the Internet on your phone and browse websites in a crazy way without the need for any applications just to some codes, and you will find at the end of the post a link to get these codes or information And they are two, the first is the British server and the second is the Canadian server, so let’s start.

Or not : Go to settings or settings, then click on more or more, and then click on VPN.


Then you click on the word Add VPN, and then you give it a name. You can type any name, for example, I typed Mashrou7, then it will ask you for PPTP SERVER or the server address (you find it below), and then you press save.


And now after pressing Save, it will show you the VPN network that we have created in this way.


You click on it, then it will ask you to enter the user name or the user name (you find it below), and then you will also be asked to enter the password (you can find it below), and then you click on “Connect”.


And you have to wait a few seconds until the server is connected, to show you the icon of the key at the top as in the following image.


After connecting to the server, you have to wait a little, up to two minutes, until the server is connected well.

Second and finally Enjoy the fast internet without any slowness or any throttling of the famous sites that you are addicted to by the communication company.


You can also see your IP through this site to see the changes, and as you notice with me here after entering the site, it gives me my IP after trying this method and tells me that I live in Britain.


And the matter is not only limited to phones that run the Android system, but it is valid for all phones with all their operating systems and the same for the computer, and here is the way to use for ios systemsFor Windows 7for windows xpFor Mac OS Xlinux ubuntu.

This was one of the ways that he found useful to speed up the Internet, which I am stingy in sharing with you, and I hope that you like the blogging by sharing it with your friends, and I also invite you to visit my personal website Android. And thank you for your kind follow up.
British server download linkCanadian server download link .

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