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Kingdom Hearts III release may see the return of Cloud and Sephiroth – kzaplay

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Certainly, the Kingdom Hearts series of games has a large audience and is eagerly awaiting the release of the awaited Kingdom Hearts III, the information of the latter remains very little, but despite that, fans are trying hard to monitor the available information that floats to the surface from time to time.

Yesterday we learned that there is a very large percentage of viewing both Cloud and Sephiroth enemies in Final Fantasy VII within Kingdom Hearts III.

Ed through the official Twitter account of the voice of the two characters, Mr. Steve Burton, confirmed to a follower when asked if there is a role for you in Kingdom Hearts III? He replied, “Yes, I have worked on something in the past weeks, and I will share the information with you soon.”

Of course, the information remains very partial as long as Square Enix has not announced anything official, since even the game has not yet revealed its official release date, and if it is confirmed for this year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 devices, greetings.


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