Jailbreak symbian Nokia phones and end installation problems

I offer you this way to break the protection of the phone so that it accepts all installationsApps with format sis And the sisx It is compatible with it and which requires a certificate without merging the certificate with it, noting thatThe method used does not require a certificate or the Internet, and thus the end of the suffering with the request for the certificate with specialized sitesThis is due to the scarcity of the latter on the one hand and valid with phones that do not have the Internet on the other.
The method is compatible with all Symbian 3G, 5G and S^3 phones.

We start with some simple definitions of certificate and jailbreak.

Certificate definition: It is a document or license specified for a period of time that allows the installation of applications that run on a system

Symbian OS i.e. sis and sisx format.

Definition of Jailbreak: Jailbreaking is the hacking of the phone so that it accepts the installation of applications that do not have a certificate (
unsigned) and most of them, which are often cracked applications, i.e. complete copies, and the protection is broken using programs
Most of them are intended to make the phone accept the installation and activation of RomPatcherPlus.

This method also aims to install and activate RomPatcherPlus.

We begin the method by downloading the two necessary programs
Norton Symbian Hack

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First of all, install Norton Symbian Hack and its icon will appear as shown

After opening the program, you will see the following image. Follow the explanation with pictures

Press option then Quarantine list

This window will appear to you

Click option then Restore all

Then press oui/yes

Now, exit the program and install RomPatcher Plus v3.1. Its icon will appear as shown

Open the program

After opening the program, click on the option, then All patches, then Applyto get the picture

Congratulations, your phone accepts any compatible application in sis and sisx format without the need for a certificate meaning goodbye

” Erreur de certificat contactez le fournisseur de l’application “

You can only delete Norton Symbian Hack after completing all the above steps.

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