Internet speed meter Pro app to monitor data consumption and internet speed

If you are one of those interested in knowing the speed of your Internet connection or monitoring data consumption on your Android phone, with daily alerts about your consumption and monitoring your download and upload speed, here is the Internet Speed ​​Meter application, which is available in a free version with some of its features and paid for more comprehensive and broader features on the Google Play Store.
Internet speed meter Pro app to monitor data consumption on Android

From the name of the application, we know its work. The Internet Speed ​​Meter application takes care of the speed of your network connection and displays it in the status bar near the battery indication, and this on its part saves you the trouble of opening the application.

A wonderful application that shows you, in addition to the Internet speed used simultaneously on your device, your expenses or your daily data consumption, whether through Wi-Fi or your 3G, 4G and GPRS network separately.

Internet speed meter Pro app to monitor data consumption on Android

Internet speed meter features:

  • Daily alerts about your usage
  • The ability to see your connection data through the notification bar without the need to return to the application
  • Separate statistics for the mobile network from the Wi-Fi
  • The ability to monitor data traffic up to thirty days
  • The ability to monitor both upload and download speeds at the same time
  • The ability to determine the amount of data consumption, which is able to determine the day of each month from which the data plan calculation begins automatically
  • The ability to restore defaults and start the account again at any time
  • Arabic language support

Download the Internet speed meter app:

As I mentioned in or on the topic, the application is available in its free and paid version, the first is available on the Google Play Store and you can download it directly via the following link:Internet speed meter
While we suggest you the following direct link to download the apk file for the paid version for free:Internet Speed ​​Meter 1.4.8 

The application is also available in a reduced version Lite, which is directed to phones with weak hardware, you can view it here:Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite

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