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Install Android applications on Windows 11 with one click!

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Without a doubt, the feature of running Android apps without an emulator in Windows 11 is an amazing feature that all users need nowadays to try apps and enjoy Android games directly from the computer – away from the smartphone. However, Microsoft’s reliance on the Amazon AppStore may make the experience a bit limited since the store only contains a small number of Android apps/games.

Fortunately, there is a trick that enables you to install apps outside of the Amazon Store on Windows 11 that we explained earlier; It works, but dealing with ADB commands to perform a forced installation may make things difficult for some users. If you are looking for a quick way to install any Android app on Windows 11 so that you end up with a single button click, it comes down to an app called WSATools. Here’s how to use it below.

Usually when installing a new program in Windows, it takes no more than two mouse clicks on the EXE file and pressing the Install button to start the installation. Now what if we wanted to transfer this experience to Android applications in Windows 11? This is exactly what WSATools from the great developer does Simone Franco It eliminates the need to deal with ADB commands every time you need to install an Android app or game on your computer (if it is not available in the Amazon AppStore) as it allows you to install applications with one click as if you downloaded them from the App Store. The program is free and very easy to use and definitely worth a try.
At first, you’ll need to enable developer mode in the Android app launcher on Windows 11. To do that, open the Start menu and launch the Windows Subsystem for Android package or use the search function to find it faster. In the event that it is not already installed on your device, you can review our previous topic about activating the feature to install Android applications on Windows 11. Once the launcher window opens, press the arrow icon in front of the “Files” section until the Android launcher is actually activated in the background, after a window appears Close Files and then activate the “Developer mode” option from the Windows Subsystem for Android settings.
After activating developer mode, you can Download the WSATools app From the Microsoft Store through the attached link or search for it in the Store. The application, as we mentioned earlier, is completely free, just click on the Install button and run it from the start menu. Before you start installing Android applications using it, you first need to download the ADB tool on your device. It is true that you will not deal with adb commands on your own, but the application needs the tool to enter the necessary commands to install applications without your intervention. So, click on the “Select an APK” button and then the message “ADB is missing” will appear and there is a “Install” button at the bottom [كما موضح في الصورة أدناه] Click on it and the application will download the tool and store it in the Users folder for later use.
After that, you will need to download the APK file of the Android apps and games that need to be installed on Windows 11. There are many reliable sources from which you can download this file such as the Play Store APKPure or site APKMirror.com After visiting the site, you search for the name of the game or application, then click on the icon from the search results, and then click on the “Download APK” button until the download begins. Note that we want the app file in APK format, not in XAPK format. So be careful while downloading so that you don’t have trouble with the installation process later, WSATools will also mark APK files with a different icon to indicate that it’s an Android file.

Now all you have to do is launch the WSATools app and press Select an APK to select the APK file from the computer and then press the Load APK button. And for the record, the application can deal with one application at a time and you cannot install a group of applications at once, but we hope that the developer will add this function in the upcoming updates. Currently, if you want to install a large number of Android apps, you can shorten the time by double-clicking each APK file separately and they will be opened automatically by the WSATools app.

In any case, WSATools will read the APK file and display the icon of the application to be installed, its name, size in KB and even the version number, and below the Install button – one click on it and the application installation process will begin immediately. It will only take a few seconds as the application – in the background – launches the ADB tool and executes all the commands required to perform a forced installation of the selected application.

Once completed, a message will appear confirming the successful installation of the application and you can choose either Open App to run the application immediately or Install another app and choose the APK file to install another application. However, if a message like “Connecting to Windows Subsystem for Android” appears and stays like this for a while, close the WSATools app and restart it again to solve the problem.

WSATools is definitely a very cool app, and when you use it for a few days you will consider it part of Windows, wondering why Microsoft didn’t add this functionality in Windows 11 from the start to make it easier to install apps that aren’t available in the Amazon AppStore. Especially if you need to try out a number of Android applications that you may need on the computer because they help you in your work, this application will make the experience of installing Android applications on Windows 11 inevitably easier.


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