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Important apps that must have a place on your tablet – kzaplay

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Tablets may not be the most popular of mobile phones, and whoever says otherwise is delusional, however, there are a good number of users who use tablets on a daily basis. These devices are highly productive as well as they have a display Much better than mobile phones, thanks to the large screens that these devices come with, whether for reading, watching photos and videos, drawing, etc., and there is no doubt that using one hand in tablets is difficult, as there are many Experiences that make it possible to use the tablet better, especially the acquisition of the best applications that help the user in his daily life from these devices.

The topic of our article for today deals with the best applications that should have a place on your tablet, and it is worth noting that we have chosen for you the best in its field, which will help the user to save time and effort on it, for example, organizing display or typing speed via a keyboard, or managing tablet files Being a powerful tool for the student and employee alike, in general let’s not talk too much and the applications are as follows:


The first of the group’s applications, which is concerned with transferring files between all your devices, whether desktop or mobile devices, as the application will allow you to access and manage your tablet from Windows, Mac or the Internet wirelessly, with its support to mirror calls, SMS and application notifications that you have allowed , on the large computer screen that you focus on, and with the application, you can type with the tablet keyboard and control the computer mouse without a connection cable, as well as supporting the use of any application on the computer, most notably of course WhatsApp, Line, Wechat and others, all without the need for a connection link, and not only that There is even support to backup and restore data at any time, and there are other features that are very important such as finding your lost device, downloading, installing and exporting APK files and many other advantages.

Download the AirDroid app from Here.

Solid Explorer:

No less important than the first application, if it supports file management, that this application was designed and developed specifically for the same goal, but in a much deeper and better way, and one of its advantages is the design and philosophy of Google Material Design, with rich options for customization and modification on colors, themes and icons And other customization tools, the application also supports reading and extracting ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR and even encrypted TAR files, with its ability to create a password for these formats or files, and the application supports searching for any file in seconds, as well as cloud file management capabilities Among the most famous services, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and others, there are dozens of storage statistics feature, whether on the internal memory or the external memory card, and dozens of features that I invite to discover on your own.

Download Solid Explorer app from Here.


As we mentioned in the introduction, tablets need fast typing because they are very productive and useful to the student, so it is necessary to download the best keyboard from the Google Play Store, which is undoubtedly the SwiftKey board that Microsoft acquired, with regard to the features of the tablet, it is rich About the definition and stop only on some of the main features, such as its support for full customization, support for handwriting and converting it to text instantly, support for scrolling characters for fast typing, as well as its enjoyment of smart predictions where it provides the user with suggestions for the sentence he is currently writing, and all that mentioned a point in the sea Painting features.

Download SwiftKeyboard from Here.

Feedly :

An application that facilitates the process of browsing websites by collecting content sources in one place, through the RSS service in the sites, which works on watching news in various fields as well as articles of all kinds from one place, and the application also supports the allocation of relevant sources to extend notifications as soon as they become available The new, in other words, with this application, you can follow the various news sources that you are interested in, from political, local and sports sources, as well as full integration with various well-known social media applications, in addition to customizing and creating your own newspaper or digital page, where you put the news you want with ease. .

Download the Feedly app from Here.

Microsoft applications:

In fact, Microsoft has dozens of smart applications, whether on smartphones or on tablets, provided that the support is the same for both devices, and here is a package of Microsoft applications that the tablet campaign can benefit from:

  • Microsoft PowerPointSlide show application, which is one of the Microsoft Office applications.
  • Microsoft wordIt is an application for writing, editing and editing documents, and it is also one of the Microsoft Office applications.
  • Microsoft ExcelThe third application of Microsoft Office applications that specializes in spreadsheets.
  • Microsoft LauncherIt is one of the personalization applications that changes the way the user interacts and browses her tablet device from the ground up, as well as providing a set of advantages, most notably its support for the ability to quickly access favorite applications and tools.
  • Microsoft One Note: for writing, taking, synchronizing notes and reminding them.
  • Microsoft Translate: A competitor to the Google Translate service, which supports text and voice translation, and even extract text from images and translate it into the language you want.
  • SkypeA well-known video chat application.
  • OneDriveA well-known cloud storage service.
  • Mixer Create: Which has been re-designed from the ground up and specializes in live broadcasting between players.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop: For remote access to desktop computers and Windows applications.

Adobe applications:

As with Microsoft applications, there are many applications for Adobe, and most of these applications are concerned with design, image and video processing, as well as other areas that are concerned with multimedia, with the most prominent being the following “Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Clip, Adobe Symposium and dozens of others that you can download By going to the shared page link on the Google Play Store from Here.


Finally, if you have any other applications that you consider important here, let us see them in the comments for the benefit of the masses of users.


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