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How to unlike a Facebook page at once?

The problem of liking Facebook pages frequently leads to the presence of many publications on the home page, whether they are important or random publications, so after a period of use, users resort to filtering the pages they subscribe to, and we will, on the computer software site, explain in simple steps how to access the correct settings, To be able to dislike many pages at the same time, and this is a feature that was recently added from Facebook to make it easier for users to follow pages, and discover new pages within the content that the user is interested in.
Dislike facebook pages once

Here is a detailed explanation of how to reduce the number of subscribed pages and unsubscribe from unimportant pages.
Log in to your Facebook account and then to choose Discover Pages, which contains new pages that are interested in the topics you are searching for. Or go to the following link Discover pages.

After heading to discover the pages that you will find on the left of the Facebook site window in the English version or on the right side in the Arabic version, we will enter them and then at the top we will find the pages that have been liked and from them we review all the pages that were registered in the previous times when pressing On the start of use as in the following pictures.

Dislike facebook pages once
From the new window, select the unimportant pages once, and by clicking on Next and then Save, you will find that the pages have been permanently deleted from the list of likes.

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