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How to speed up downloads in Google Chrome browser

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All browsers have a built-in download manager that allows you to download files without any external programs, but unfortunately it does not provide the same efficiency as other external programs, as it is affected by the default settings of the browser in addition to other settings related to the operating system. So if you do not want to rely on any other programs such as IDM to download files, you can check the following solutions regardless of your Internet speed increase, as we review a group of effective methods that increase the speed of file downloads in the Google Chrome browser.

1- Activate the Parallel downloading feature

Google Chrome has an experimental feature called Parallel downloading, which means downloading files in parts, and when the download process is completed, those parts are merged with each other, i.e. in the same way that the famous IDM program works. But because the feature is experimental, it cannot be activated from the settings, but through the Chrome Flags page, and we have previously explained how to activate it to speed up downloads in the Chrome browser.

All you have to do to activate this feature is typing “chrome://flags” in the address bar, then in the search box, type “parallel” and you will see the Parallel downloading feature that you will activate by pressing “Default”, and finally from the drop-down list, click on “Enabled” and then press “Relaunch” and then the browser will be restarted and the feature will be activated directly. You should feel an improvement in the speed of downloading files later.

2- Use of external plugins

Fortunately, there are some extensions that can improve the file download experience in Chrome so much that they eliminate the need for IDM and are much better than the browser’s built-in download manager. But if you search the Chrome store for these extensions, you will find many of them are paid or deceptive extensions that do not really contribute to improving the downloading experience from the browser. Therefore, we have previously prepared a topic that includes the 5 most important browser extensions to download files faster. We recommend that you review it and use any of the browser extensions to get the best experience for downloading files from the Chrome browser, knowing that these extensions also work on other browsers without problems.

3- Clear temporary browsing data

Everyone knows now that the goal of this data is to improve users’ access to the pages that are visited on a continuous basis, but the tax of this improvement is the weight of the Google Chrome browser, in addition to the slowness of the Internet within the browser in general, and therefore you must scan it periodically, by pressing Click on the menu button at the top, then select “More tools”, and finally click on “Clear browsing data”, and restart the browser to make sure that the process is completed correctly.

4- Disable automatic page loading

Automatic page loading may be considered one of the advantages of Google Chrome, that is, the pages you visit frequently will be loaded in the background of Google Chrome as soon as you open the browser in order to increase your browsing speed, but if your Internet speed is low, this may negatively affect the rest of the operations that take place on the browser “such as downloads.” To disable this feature, type chrome://settings/cookies in your browser URL, scroll to the bottom until you find the “Preload Pages for faster browsing and searching” option, then uncheck Activate this option and restart the browser and you will gain an additional internet speed within the browser that is OK.

5- Cancel automatic proxy detection

Auto-detection of a proxy is a process by which a web proxy server is identified by the system and used to send requests on behalf of the client, the more downloads that take place in the background and therefore the slower the internet connection So disabling the proxy settings on the computer can also help improve download speeds in chrome browser. To do this, go to “Settings” in your Windows, go to “Network & Internet”, then from the side menu choose the last option, which is “Proxy” and deactivate the “Automatically detect Setting” option.


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