How to show hidden files in the flash and remove the Shortcut virus easily

In the name of of Allah the Merciful .
Many users, especially in the Arab world, suffer from the disappearance of some files in the USB flash drive and from the annoying shortcut virus that turns everything into a shortcut when you open it, it shows you an error message. We have previously discussed on an annotated site how to remove the shortcut virus in explanation 776, and today I present to you another way to remove the shortcut virus, as well as to show hidden files in the flash, where we will use a specialized tool in this matter.

The tool that we will rely on in this topic is a toolThe free USB File Unhider, which you can download from the link at the end of the topic.

After downloading the tool, decompress it and then run it, as it does not need to be installed, as it is a portable tool. After opening the tool, its simple interface will appear.

Click on Select Drive or Folder And select the infected USB flash drive. Check the option Unhide Files/Folders To show hidden files and folders and check the option Remove Shortcut Viruses To remove the damaged shortcuts infected with the shortcut virus and check the option Remove Autorun To remove the autorun virus from the flash drive.

After selecting the appropriate options, press Proceed To carry out the required commands. I advise you, after using the tool, to apply what was mentioned inExplanation 776 This is the general solution to the problem of the shortcut virus and the problem of the disappearance of some files and other problems. In terms of overall, this tool is a quick solution in my opinion and is not a comprehensive solution, but it is worth a try.I hope this topic helps you. In God’s safety.

Tool download link:USB File Unhider

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