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How to remove Shortcut and AutoRun viruses from computer – kzaplay

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Many of us face the problem of the large number of viruses on the computer in a very small period, and during this period it may cause viruses to spread everywhere inside the computer and damage some special files, games and programs, and sometimes there are more than one type of virus inside the hard drive, but the most Note that the Shortcut and AutoRun viruses and the worm, which comes by connecting USB flash drives to the computer, and the inability to delete them from the computer quickly causes their spread and repeated copies of files within the folders and not opening the original folders, so we will focus in this topic on how Preserve the computer from any viruses temporarily until the installation of protection programs.

First : mUsbFixer to solve flash problems

The mUsbFixer tool enables users of external media such as USB flash drives to solve problems that appear before them, such as the presence of Shortcut viruses that annoyingly copy files inside existing files and show files empty now that the programmUsbFixer will enable you to permanently solve this problem and prevent these viruses from entering your computer.

The tool works on all versions of Windows and has not been updated for a while, and there are not many options inside the tool. It deals only with fixing problems with shortcut files, formatting and formatting flashes, and reusing flashes that are prohibited from adding files to them.

To download the tool from the official website, click here Download mUsbFixerThe size of the tool: 500 KB and it is free.

Secondly :إداة Alfa Autorun Killer :-
A free, easy-to-use tool that enables you to get rid of autorun viruses permanently, when you connect a flash drive or a memory card to the computer, so the tool works to block and erase infected files automatically, to preserve other healthy files, and the program also performs other functions, including repairing system and registry errors Examine the broken and damaged values, and work on displaying detailed reports for all operations carried out by the program, including the number and locations of viruses on the computer.

The program asks you to save important files from your work first before performing any scan process so as not to lose them, and the program also provides several types of protection, which depends on preventing self-boot of files that are connected to the computer until after they are fully scanned.

Alfa Autorun Killer tool is small in size, it is 5.5 MB and supports many languages, including Arabic, and you can download the tool from hereDownload Alfa Autorun .

Third :إداة usbfix :-

An important and powerful tool in the fight against viruses related to flashes while they are connected to your computer, as the tool can detect and eliminate the autorun viruses present in the flashes to increase the speed of the device’s performance.

UsbFix tool is small in size, it is 3.6 MB and supports many languages, including English, and you can download the tool from hereDownload UsbFix .


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