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How to protect PDF files and create a PDF password – kzaplay

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Preserving PDF files is one of the important things that must be taken care of, as you can keep your files from snooping on them and obtain any information through them by adding a secret number to these files that prevents anyone from using these files until after obtaining the password And we often resort to putting a password on the files in order to preserve the privacy of the files. You can now preserve your files, prevent anyone from accessing them, and add your own password as a reason to view and modify the files, and you can do this The method is through a paid program, which is Adobe Acrobat Reader, the paid version, but we will show and explain this method through a tested and free method through the PDFMate Free PDF Merger program, which you can also benefit from through the other features it provides, and it is a free program.

PDFMate Free PDF Merger

Explanation of adding the password through PDFMate Free PDF Merger:
– The method is after adding files to the program by pressing the Add Files icon, you can modify its settings and add the password, and this is what we will apply in the next step.

PDFMate Free PDF Merger

You can adjust the program’s options by choosing some options that enable you to finish the files and add your password to the files, such as choosing the type of paper A4 or A3 as well as some options when saving, is it horizontal or vertical, and you can not make the modification by choosing Auto and choose the 1in1 option to prevent any merging of files, to add the password to the files, go through Tab Security and select the open Password option and add the password to the files and specify the options as in the attached pictures above, and you can specify the location of the files that are saved on The computer through output Folder and choose the place to save it to be able to browse after clicking on the Build option, which will enable you to start preparing the files.

Information about the version of PDFMate Free PDF Merger for PC
Software version: PDFMate Free PDF Merger 1
Developed by: Anvsoft Inc
Program size: 5MB
Program language: supports Arabic and English

Download PDFMate Free PDF Merger document printing software for free from here:-

The program supports all versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, with a 32-bit and 64-bit kernel, and the program is free and there is a paid version of it. You can take advantage of the free program to complete your work.


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