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How to make a page on Facebook

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We will review how a Facebook page works, and the page is better than the group in fact. In the group, you will have to write to the members, but on the like page, your latest updates will appear on their pages without any disturbance, so the best pages, continue for more..

Some of the most important features of the page:-

– Detailed statistics about the page of visitors, visits and others.

2- You can communicate with all page followers and send your site updates to them.

And other features..

1 – Log in to Facebook from here Then log in to your account, at the bottom of the page, click on Create Page.

2 – Then choose your page type, I will choose entertainment, for example..

3 – Then we choose the category, the name of the page, and we mark I agree .. etc.

4- Now the page has been created..

  • To put a picture of the page, click on Change Picture.. Then upload the picture from your device..
  • To publish a link, image, speech, etc., then click on what you want and then choose it
  • To change the page settings, click on the edit page.

Then choose what you want to change, and after changing it, click Save Changes.

Just like that..Wait, God willing, for more explanations to come and how to make a welcome page in a professional manner, God willing…and don’t forget to follow the page Computer programs … Good luck ..


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