How to fix any error or problem in your computer or system professionally and perfectly

How to fix any error or problem in your computer or system professionally and perfectly
Every action has a reaction. This is indispensable in any field. The computer, despite its operation, will come a day that will break down a little, show some sluggishness, and show errors in the system. It worked a lot, carried a lot, installed a lot, and it is necessary to It may show some symptoms from time to time, and while this is happening, you have to rely on a set of things in order to fix your device, either you fix it yourself, or you put your hand in your pocket and pay the money to someone to fix it for you, but the first case You will be the best, because through it and then you will gradually develop yourself in fixing computer problems, and you will be able to understand your computer more and how to deal with it, and on this subject, I will put in your hands the work process that technicians in IT companies use in order to fix any problem for a specific customerD, but in this topic we will rely on repairing your personal computer and not the other’s computer, but from you you will be able to repair other people’s computers as well, so let’s start.

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Finding the cause and effect:
The first thing that you should do when you encounter any problem you encounter in your computer, is to try to discover both the error and its causes. What you have to do is to determine the reasons that led to this malfunction, and to do that, you will need a long list of reasons, and because the explanation will be easier with an example, I will show you one, suppose I turned on my device one day, and suddenly the screen appears to me black, the first thing I must do His job is to identify the problems related to this problem, let’s say: 1 – a problem with the graphics card, 2 – a problem with the system files, 3 – the latest system update, 4 – a problem with the graphics driver, 5 – a problem with the computer screen.
In this way I list all possible problems for this problem to appear, this will make it easier for you to solve the problem faster.

Separation of cases:
Now that you have a list in your hands of a set of possible possibilities, let’s start separating the cases. The first is the screen card. Do we hear certain sounds when the device is turned on? no ? So the problem is not from the screen card, because you will most likely hear sounds in the form of (Biip) if it is a problem from a hardware device, let’s now try a problem with the system files, is the device running at full power? Does the system logo appear for us at first, and then disappear afterwards, leaving the screen black? Yes, is this what is happening? So, the system is mostly damaged. One of the files of the system is the missing or damaged one. You can also complete the matter to the end of the list, or start addressing this problem first, and if it does not work, you will pass to the second problem.

Google is your friend.
Yes, before we continue our process, you must sometimes face some problems that will be difficult for you to understand or identify their causes, so you will be helpless in the first stage, which is to discover the cause and the cause, so you will have some solutions such as communicating with your friends on Facebook or perhaps messaging Technical pages in order to provide solutions to your problem (as we always reach on our Facebook page), but these people are not familiar enough with your computer, and what did you do before the problem appeared, the problem may have appeared on you after you installed a specific program, and to send a message to the page with the problem And they give you possible solutions, but you do not mention to them that you installed a program yesterday, and here the expected error occurs, so the best solution remains Google, search for your problem in Google, this matter will help you in two main things, first that you will be able to identify possible problems more accurately, and secondly you will find Other people’s solutions and experiences, through which you can only search for solutions that completely match your problem and try them, unlike someone who does not know the problem in advance and all he has is some attempts to try it.

Problem solving journey:
Mostly my friend, this is the most exciting stage, yes, discovering the problem usually does not take you much – according to your experience – but implementing the solution is the most difficult, you do not know first if the solution will be really effective, or if this solution may create problems You do not know if it is safe on your device in the first place, so you start experimenting little by little, try the first solution, if everything is good, the problem has been solved, and if not, it is time to review my friend Google and look for a second solution, make sure My friend, this stage is not to try things that you do not understand, and if it is necessary to go through them, we advise you to read a little about the experience or the solution that you are about to implement, as this will also help you not to conflict with the solution that you have with other problems in your device. But if everything fails, my friend, you will have only two solutions left, which is to go back to the zero point, and try repairing your device with people who are determined to fix anything. To buy a new one, therefore, you will not always be able to solve the problem, but you will be able to at least gain some experience to solve the problems of others in the future.

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