How to emulate and use a Samsung Galaxy S5 before buying

Are you thinking of buying a Samsung Galaxy S5?? Do you want to try and use the phone as if it was in your hands before buying and need a way to get to know all the components and parts of the device as well as its uses and everything related to it, you can do this through the Samsung Galaxy S5 simulator.
It is a website provided by Samsung that offers an innovative and smart way to simulate smart phones as if you were using the phone in your hands. Settings, motion, camera and video, applications, file manager and others on the device to allow you to simulate and identify the phone closely before thinking of buying it.

The site does not have any steps to use, just log in next link And start scrolling and getting to know all the big and small inside the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, and you can choose from the categories on the left which part you want to know and then use the phone with the mouse as if the phone was in your hands. Right pane Steps within this pane sequentially You can hover your mouse pointer easily to move between steps.

How to emulate and use a Samsung Galaxy S5 before buying

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