How to download and upgrade to Windows 10 for free and legally despite the end of the official offer

Over time, Windows 10 has spread as an operating system on a large scale, as it is designed to run all kinds of devices, and this means desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, tablets, and the so-called Internet of Things, all of which will use a unified operating system.

It was expected to end on July 29, 2016 getting updates and upgrade to Windows 10 officially, however you can still legally upgrade to the latest version for free Windows 10 free upgrade for the offer period and without the need for hacking and obtaining illegal copies in a free way, knowing that Windows 10 Home costs in India $ 118, while Windows 10 PRO costs 221%, while in the United States of America, obtaining a legal copy of Windows 10 costs between $ 119.99 to $ 199.99, and now we will learn together how to download and upgrade for free to Windows 10 .

First: Go to the official Microsoft website and start downloading a tool Download Tool Now by clicking on it.

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