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How to delete watermark from any PDF file easily

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Of course, most of you always use PDF files because they are easy to read and compatible with all devices, whether smartphones or computers. But sometimes you may receive a PDF whose pages contain a very annoying watermark. Most likely due to the lack of transparency of this tag, which is usually a logo or text, you will find it difficult to read the content. Whatever the reason, there is no tool that helps you achieve this for free, as programs that include watermark removal are always paid. However, if you have a PDF file that contains an annoying watermark, you can delete it in three simple steps that we will explain to you through this article, so let’s get started.

The idea of 鈥嬧媡he article, as we mentioned, depends on only 3 steps, to finally get a new copy of the PDF file that you have, but without any watermarks. The steps in a nutshell begin by converting the file format to DOCX so that Word can read it and recognize the elements contained in the file such as text and images, including the watermark. Then you will be able to delete the watermark or change its location and modify it as you wish. Once the satisfactory result is reached, you can save the file as PDF again. Here’s how to put these steps into practice.

So, converting a file from PDF to DOCX is the first step here, but unfortunately there aren’t many format conversion tools that are good at doing that, some of them will change the locations of text or images. So you need a reliable source that does not change anything about the content of the PDF file – such as Smallpdf.com and PDF to Word Converter included with it that keeps the file format unchanged even if it contains a number of tables and images.

All you have to do is open the tool inside any Internet browser and then click on the Choose file button to select the PDF file, or you can drag the file from the desktop and drop it inside the site to be uploaded to the site directly. After uploading the file and converting its format to DOCX, you can download it to your device, so you have two copies: PDF and DOCX for the same content as shown above.

You will now need Microsoft Word to view the recently downloaded DOCX file. If it is already installed on your device, launch it and then on the Open page click on Browse and select the DOCX file and click on Open until the contents of the file are displayed within the program. Now to remove the watermark, you need to hover over the watermark in any empty place that does not contain text, when you click on it it should be checked inside a box where you can change the dimensions or rotate the image/text as if the watermark was added by Microsoft Word. What you have to do right now is right-click on the selected watermark and choose Cut from the menu, or just hit the Delete key on your keyboard and it will disappear immediately.

You can repeat the previous steps on every page in the PDF file that contains a watermark until it is completely removed. When you’re done, all that’s left is to restore the file to its original PDF format, which is easy and can be done with Microsoft Word as well. Just click on the File section at the top, then go to the Save As page, then click on the Save as type menu and choose PDF from it. Now select the location to save the file and press Save to finally get a PDF copy with the same contents but without any watermarks.


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