How to delete/sign out of a Gmail account from an Android device without formatting

My follower or visitor friend, if you want to delete your google account from the Android device, that is, log out of it, the matter is not as simple as you think because google prevents deleting it except by formatting the device for more safety, in this blog I will explain to you how to delete / log out of the gmail account On Android and login with a new account as you want in an easy, if not simple, way. Just follow along with me:
– Rooted Android phone
The two applications Root Explorer & SQLite Editor are present in black marketOr download them from the links below.
First, after installing the two applications, open the Root Explorer application and follow the path as in the pictures:
Open the data . folder
Then the system . folder
Then the accounts.db file with SQLite Editor
Choose the gmail account you want to delete
Press Delete Record
Then restart the device
This is how you will be logged out of your gmail account
SQLite Editor
Root Explorer
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