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How to create ready-made templates for email in Gmail

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Many rely on instant messaging applications for communication in general, due to the facilities they provide in sending and receiving information, but when it comes to the e-mail service, the Gmail platform is dominant and many users and companies rely on it, due to the advantages it offers that facilitate the exchange of data on Electronic messages, including “templates”, so that it is possible to send purely official messages characterized by a single pattern that does not change and is rewritten every time an email is sent to a specific party, and accordingly we will show you in this article how to activate ready-made templates in Gmail for more speed in use.

Email templates are an excellent choice for HR employees, customer representatives, and anyone else who is tired of writing the same type of emails because it allows them to be more speedy and efficient during use through static forms that are created by the users themselves according to their needs.

The templates feature does not come enabled by default in the Gmail platform. If you want to use it, you must activate it manually by pressing the “Settings” icon in the top toolbar, then choose “See all settings”, then head to the “Advanced” tab. Finally, from the “Templates” tab, click on “Enable” and scroll down and click on “Save changes”. Thus, the templates feature has become activated for you.

After activating the feature, you still have to create your template and add the information you want to install and not repeat typing it every time you send an email of a certain type, and to do this all you have to do is create a new email and enter the information you want to save as a “template”, then At the bottom, click on the menu and select “Templates”, then from the pop-up menu choose “Save draft as templates”, then from the pop-up menu click on “Save a new templates”. Now enter an appropriate name for the template you created and press “Save”.

All you have to do to access this template and use it again and again is to create a new email through the plus icon (+) and then press the menu and choose “Templates”, and then you will notice the template that you created earlier is present in the drop-down list, and therefore choose it and it will open template directly.

This was the way to activate and create templates in addition to how to use them on the Gmail website, for Android users, creating and managing templates on the Gmail application is not available yet, and the templates you created on the web remain on the web


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