How to combine whatsapp, facebook and sms messages in one place Disa

Welcome again, in today’s topic, my friends, I will present to you a wonderful application through which you can merge all the chats that you use in one place. You can combine Facebook chat, WhatsApp and SMS messages in the same window. You won’t need multiple apps to chat once you get to know this app.

What do I do with the Disa app:

Through the Disa application, you can organize your conversations and messages in one place without the need for multiple applications to facilitate chatting and reduce pressure on the phone.
You can also open a conversation with a person in all accounts, merging your messages on Facebook with sms, for example.

What accounts can I open in Disa:

So far, you can open your account in Facebook, WhatsApp, and SMS. The developers of the application have promised that adding viber will be available soon.

Where to get the Disa app:

Simply the application is available at Google Play Store And you can take it from official website

How do I follow the new Disa:

Follow new app developments on google plus private forum
Thanks for watching and for another lesson.

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