How to change default apps on Android

Sometimes after downloading a new application (browser, media player..), the system asks us if we want to make it a default application, and after a while we may decide to stop using it because we find it difficult to switch to the previous default application, in fact it is not as difficult as you think, but it is Simple steps you have to follow.

How to make the app default:

When you run any function that the application can do, the following window will appear, just click on “Always”.

Steps to remove an application from working as default:

For example, I will explain if we set the standard Nova launcher for the Android device. Now you do not know how you can go back to the main launcher for your Android device regardless of its type.
  • First, go to the settings on your device
  • Choose Applications Manager
  • Find the Nova launcher you set as default and choose it
  • Several options will appear for you, choose Clear Default, as shown in the following image:
This will delete any app from making it default, and in the next run the device will ask you to set the new default app.

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