How to activate the calling feature and calls in WhatsApp 2.12.14 (Updated)

Peace be upon you, my brothers and sisters, followers of the Arab Phone blog, today I will explain to you how to activate the feature or feature of calling in Android phones with the famous Whatsapp program.
We have all been waiting for this feature that will benefit us a lot. It is our life with voice calling with our friends for free and getting away from the packing that we always hated.
First, to activate the WhatsApp calling feature, you must have the latest version of the program, which is the version that has the number 2.12.14
To be sure, all you have to do is open the WhatsApp application and follow the following according to your language
Go to settings, then help, and then switch to show you the version number you own
whatsapp>option>parameter>aide>a proprt
Screenshot 2015 03 24 11 23 30

If you do not have version 2.11.552
You can download it from the following link and then install it on your phone after deleting the previous version
whatsapp 2.12.14 apk
Or from here whatsapp 2.11.555 apk
After you make sure that you have the version number 2.11.552 from the WhatsApp application, you must receive a call from someone who has already activated the communication feature for him. You have a phone number to add to your list and he will call you directly, then answer the call, even for a second.
Or you can send a message to the following numbers from the Star Times Forums
After you receive the call, you must close the application by entering the application settings, then to the Whatsapp application and we forcefully close the application (force stop)
Now restart the application and a new interface will appear with the connection feature
Note: If it does not work, repeat the previous steps
The feature has been activated for everyone without the need for anything, just update your WhatsApp application.. Thank you

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