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How do you know that your phone is being monitored by governments and security agencies? – kzaplay

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Our smartphones are miniature computers that can do (nearly) everything we ask them to do, apart from our routine use of making phone calls and texting, taking pictures, playing games, checking the weather, surfing the web, streaming videos and more. much. It has enough power and memory capacity to allow us to store our entire digital life inside it, all our favorite songs and personal photos on it, our conversations are fully recorded, and our business and banking transactions are done through it.

But at the same time, these advantages are the same reasons that make it vulnerable to spying operations and hacking attacks through uncountable methods and tools. And you may not know that the possibilities are very high that your phone is already under surveillance, whether by one of your family members, friends, a hacker, or even by governments and security agencies. So, we will provide you with some guides to help you know whether your phone is being monitored or not, and how to take the necessary measures to protect your privacy and the security of your data from being tampered with by strangers.

How do you know you are being watched?

1- Battery deterioration: Admittedly, all phone spying and hacking apps work in safe mode, which means that you won’t feel that they are in the background all the time unless you are observant and experienced enough to understand all the icons next to the phone’s cellular network sign, however you may not notice them Often as a result the application goes into idle mode. But all of these apps together drain large amounts of battery capacity. If you notice that your phone battery is abnormally deteriorating, you should check all the applications installed on the phone before deciding that there is something wrong with the battery or a technical problem with the phone.

2- The presence of strange applications: You may notice strange applications that are unfamiliar to you and do not know what their usefulness is, and you were not responsible for installing them. This guide suggests that someone from your family or one of your co-workers has been able to tamper with the phone without your noticing. But in other cases, these applications are installed unintentionally due to the large number of pop-up ads that try to spy on you, track your activities and record your calls. Worst of all, these applications are disguised as regular applications such as camera applications, browsing, call recording..etc.
3- Noise and distortion during phone calls: This is one of the most important signs that your voice calls are recorded, whether by some people close to you or by security and government authorities. If you notice noise or sound echoes while making your phone calls, this means that your call is under monitoring and recording. It is not necessary for the security authorities to use these recordings against you or to bring charges against you, but they rely on them if they want to get their hands on evidence of your guilt.

There are also some governments that follow advanced methods in monitoring and recording calls if the speaker tries to mention some sensitive words that are classified as high-risk words, on top of which is the United States of America, such as the word “Allah” in Arabic or “the Prophet” or the American intelligence in all languages ​​or Jihad for the sake of God is in the Arabic language, and it is natural that the process of recording the call takes place automatically as soon as these words are mentioned to ensure the identity of the speakers and their monitoring by the counter-terrorism and counter-terrorism organizations. It is also noted that most international and regional governments have begun to follow these same methods to detect criminals and predict serious attacks before they occur.

Therefore, you should listen carefully during your phone calls. If you suddenly notice a strange noise or noise, this is conclusive evidence that your call has been monitored, but this does not necessarily mean that you are a dangerous person or will be monitored by government agencies all the time, but this means that it will be Consider your calls if necessary, especially if your identity is suspected or you are related to one of the suspects. These modern methods do not consider your calls made through instantaneous communication programs over the Internet, but rather using cellular networks by analyzing the signals and low-energy electronic waves that your phone network sends during your conversations.

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4- Overheating of the phone: This is one of the most important signs of phone tracking by real-time positioning via GPS maps, and because of its continuous work without stopping even while idle, it is normal to cause the phone to overheat.

5- Increase your data connection usage: While your activity is being monitored by some spy tools, all the information about your online movements is sent to some unwanted parties, which leads to consuming a very large amount of data connection of your SIM or Wi-Fi package, so you should always check your phone’s data usage peak and monitor Consuming it occasionally.

6- Facing errors, slow performance and delaying phone shutdown: The blue or red screen flickering is one of the most important indications that your phone is being monitored, and you may notice an automatic change in some phone settings that were not done by you, and this ultimately leads to the phone not responding correctly while dealing with it, in addition, you may experience slow Noticeable in the execution of commands or while the phone is turned off due to spying applications that run in the background and hinder the speed of the phone’s work.

7- Strange browser history: You should constantly check the browsing history on your phone, especially if many of your family members or friends use your phone every now and then. If you notice any strange websites in the log, it is possible that someone was trying or was able to install some spying tools and applications.

Codes that give you an idea if your phone is unsafe

Here are some necessary codes that show you if your phone is being monitored or call tracking, try dialing it from left to right:

*#21# Calling this code will show you if any of your data, messages or phone calls are forwarded to another phone or not, all results you get should be Not Forward.

#002## Calling this code blocks the transfer of your data and disables all suspicious spying and hacking methods, and it is one of the most important attempts that both Android and IOS users should make sure that they are implemented.

*#62# Calling this code will reveal to you the phone numbers that are trying to track you or that your calls and data are being diverted to.

If it turns out that you are already being monitored or have doubts about the safety and cleanliness of your phone from spying and phishing applications, you should immediately perform a factory reset of the phone, which will erase all unwanted applications, including spy applications, but remember that this attempt will delete all Your other applications and your phone will return to its default when you first purchase it. You can also install a powerful antivirus program. And it should be noted that you should make a screen lock or a password that is difficult for anyone close to you to predict. Or use a pin code or fingerprint lock. And through how to know if your smartphone has been hacked, you will find an additional explanation of protecting your phone.


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