Hide It Pro app to hide photos, videos, apps and messages for free for Android

The Hide It Pro for Android application or program is one of the best Android programs ever, as it allows you to hide applications messages, calls, photos and videos from the eyes of others while hiding audio files and anything you want to hide from others freely, easily, and more safely.
Hide Pictures - Hide it Pro

Hide It Pro for Android program you find on the device as a sound management program, as if it raises the volume and reduces the sound
Clicking on the name of the audio manager will reveal the actual tools of the application.

Hide Pictures - Hide it Pro

Features of Hide It Pro for Android:

  • It categorizes and protects audio, video and image files in one folder.
  • You can choose a batch of photos at once to protect them.
  • You can display pictures with it.
  • You can share photos through it.
  • video player at the same time.
  • Find options to lock the screen by password.
  • Restart command with password Stop command with password to increase protection

Download Hide It Pro for Android:

The application is free and you can download it directly from the Google Play Store via the following link:

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